Friday, April 10, 2009

prayer request.

hey. it's amanda again. i just want to let you all in on a prayer request. i've just copy and pasted this from gage's caringbridge site that chantae posted last night. so gage's appt is today. :0)

Just a small post to ask for prayer. I noticed a few days ago that Gage's heart seemed like it was pounding and then seemed better. I mentioned it to the pediatrician at Malia's appt yesterday and she felt that Gage's murmur was louder, his heart rate was up, and his liver has started to descend. This has me totally freaked out and I'm really scared for tomorrows appt. Dr. Hunt felt that Gage needed to be seen by his cardiologist this week yet so she called and got him in for tomorrow. When I talked to the nurse practitioner in Strasburgers office she thought these could possibly just be from the horrible cold he has, but that he needed to be checked out by Dr. Strasburger. She made me feel a little better with it maybe being his cold, but then when Malia was in for her follow up appt today, Dr. Hunt said that she felt it was more than just his cold. I'm struggling to find God's peace for tomorrows appointment, but trusting Him with Gage. Please be in prayer for Gage's appointment tomorrow as well as healing for this nasty cold.

By the way, Malia's levels for jaundice were down a little today and she was up to 6lbs 3 oz, so hopefully her numbers continue the way they are going and no treatment is needed!

Thank You,
Nathan and Chantae

so there you have it. please continue to pray and thanks all you prayer warriors!! God is SOO SOO good!!
amanda posing as...