Friday, April 10, 2009

What a surprise-thank you again, Amanda, for hijacking my blog!!! I have not posted in awhile and truthfully, I have a lot to share, but not the does Amanda do it?!?! =) Anyway, since she posted and asked for prayer, I wanted to put the update from Gage's caringbridge site ( up for those of you who have been in prayer for him! (Thank you!!!)

Before I paste the post, if you haven't already, go read Amanda's blog(, wish her a Happy Birthday, and check out the gifts she's giving for 'her' birthday, especially the last one, it's truly the best gift you could ever receive!

Happy Easter!

Now for Gage's update...

It's amazing how God works...I poured out how nervous and not at peace I was about todays appt. for Gage and at 4 a.m. Malia woke up hungry. So I fed her and finished off by pumping(aren't you all glad to know that!). My friend, Amanda, gave me this book to read, Every Now and Then, which I've been reading at night while I pump. Well, last night the chapter I was reading was on John we can have peace in Him. I'm not sure it totally made me feel at peace, but it was comforting how when I needed peace and was praying for it that God 'just so happen' to have me in that chapter of the book!

With that I'd like to just shout out a "Praise God" for todays report! I was still nervous, but calmed way down by the time of the appt. We had a nurse check Gage over first. She listened to his heart(113-119 bpm), checked his oxygen level(97%), and his blood pressure(85/52), and his liver was where it should be! These are all great numbers! Then the nurse practitioner came in and she felt all was good as well. After she came in Dr. Strasburger herself came in and felt that heart wise Gage is doing great and we don't need to come back until his follow up this summer unless we have any more concerns! Dr. Strasburger felt that the faster heart rate and heavy breathing are due to his cold as he is very congested. She also said not to be alarmed if he turns a little blue from this and to expect it for about another two weeks, that seems to be how long this horrible cough is lasting.

So, we just want to thank everyone again for praying and ask that you praise God for the awesome report and for all He is continuing to do in Gage's heart!

In more good news, Malia's levels were down as I mentioned yesterday and Dr. Hunt called this morning and said she did not feel that she needed another check! PTL! Now maybe her bruised and cut up heels can start to heal!

Happy Easter!


Nathan, Chantae, Gage, and Malia

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Emily said...

I am just now catching up on whats been going on. Sorry all of this has been happening, but so glad things are looking better. I will keep you guys in my prayers.