Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summin' up Creation and Lesson 1: Ss Jesus is the Light of the World!

Our "Circle Time" Area
     Ahh! I started school with the kids in September, blogged about it a few days and now it is the end of July! This should not surprise anyone who has seen my 'blogging history'! I am happy to say though that we have stuck with doing school and are enjoying it more, having better days, and more fun as well! Part in me calming down about it and part in Gage just growing and getting use to doing school and a routine. you can't guess which child is my silly one! ha!
     We finished up days 5-10 of the Creation Unit by doing our circle time(pray, calendar, weather, songs, signs, etc), talking about and reviewing the 7 days of creation, reviewing letters, coloring, cutting, painted our paper mache globes, and reading books on God's Creation!

     Then we moved on to Lesson 1: Ss Sun: Jesus is the light of the world! Each day we did our circle time(added in season, today, tomorrow, and yesterday, along with a shape, color, character trait, and state of the day/week, and added a leaf to our tree on the wall with the letter 's' and sang a little jingle thing to go along with Chicka Chicka Boom boom!) Then we did some math(started counting to 100 and counting beans). For Reading we went over the S sound and colored and cut some flash cards with words that started with the S sound, practice writing the letter S s and number 1. For Science this week we talked about the sun, put grapes in a cup to make raisins and charted each day with a drawing, also planted and charted beans to use in lesson 4, the leaf unit, used yellow and orange markers to make a sun with patterned rays, we also walked around blindfolded then in the light to see why light is important. We used a flashlight and globe in the closet, made a solar system mobile. We also painted a sun with our handprints, made and charted a sundial, and read a few Bible verses that were in the teacher's manual. Each day we read a book as well: A Child's Good Morning Book, What the Sun Sees, Jesse Bear, What will you wear?, Fancy Nancy Sees Stars, Sun, Moon, and Stars, and Bear Shadow. We also had some absolutely beautiful Fall weather so we played outside and enjoyed God's Beautiful World before the cold starts setting in!
   As you can see/read this is a very sloppy, thrown together post on what we did! (Run on sentences and blabbing...going to hit save without checking it over!), but I wanted to still post about what we did. We may be in 3rd grade by the time I ever get caught up with writing about Kindergarten, but at least I'll have done it! LOL I am not going to make promises, but I hope to continue to get on here and share what we have done! 

I found Gage reading to Malia...Love it!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Days 3 and 4 of Creation: The Foundation

For this whole week of Creation, we really do the same basic concepts each day, just change them up a little bit by learning about the different things God created on that specific day!
So, for day 3, we did our circle time(pray, put day 3 poster up, review days 1 and 2, read Genesis 1:9-13, review signs and add night and flower, verses 1-3 of The Creation Song)
Then we did our number 3(color, cut and paste to poster) and an alphabet review. Today I had some puzzles that you matched up the upper and lowercase of each letter. Again, Gage did really good at this and it was total review, but I think since it was something new, he liked it! (They were from Targets dollar section this year)

Then, for Gage and Malia's favorite part of each day...snack time! We made dirtcups to show how God made the land and filled it with trees, plants, and flowers! After that we went outside to play for awhile. We had done more this morning than any other morning so far before snack and playtime, so, I felt like we were improving a little bit!
Then we made our page for our Creation book of day three. And for the first time, we actually listened to the song, "This is My Father's World"! I have to admit that I feel a little bad that it's the first time we got to it since MFW says we should do it daily, but it never seemed to fit in where I still had Gage's attention. We watched/listened to the song on I found a version by Amy Grant, that I liked! Gage then told me all the things in the video that God made! It is a beautiful video.

Later in the afternoon we made rainsticks from yesterdays study, but we didn't get to them. The kids seemed to like them. I basically had them made and they decorated them.
For storytime we read in our Bible again, reading days 1-3. Then at bedtime my mom came over to read them a story and she read them The Berenstain Bears Discover God's Creation.

Day 4 went pretty good as well! We did our circle time(pray, review days 1-3, put up our day 4 poster, read Genesis 1:14-19, reviewed our sing language we've been learning, and sang verses 1-4 of our Creation song.-while we sing, I let them get some wiggles out by dancing around and then when I say,"On day__ they hold up that number on their fingers!)
We sang the Alphabet song, the way we normally do since Gage does not like the way MFW has us sing it. He keeps telling me I'm singing it wrong! Ha!

Then we worked on our number 4 for our Creation Poster, more coloring, pasting, and cutting.
For snack time, I found fish crackers at Target that were spaced themed! When I saw them, I thought what perfect timing for these to come out! The kids liked to find the star, moon, and spaceshuttle shapes! We also had some star shaped marshmellows, just because I had bought them first and then saw the fish crackers, so we had both!

After this we had a longer play time than usual just because it was beautiful outside and I know that all too soon, Winter will be here! So, I'm trying to let the kids enjoy God's beautiful Earth He made for us!
Then we did our page for our Creation Book. The kids drew the sun and moon and I had some star stickers for them to add to the night sky!
Then I found another video on of "This is My Father's World"-today Gage just listened.
At dinner time, we read our Bible for day 4 of God's Creation.

And that wrapped up our first week of Creation...we skipped one day and just played as mommy did not feel good...but I guess when you are homeschooling and studying God's Creation, it's OK, to take an entire day to just play in His Creation!)
the "MittelMommy" behind "MittelSchool"

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 2 of Creation: The Foundation

What we are using for the Creation Unit
Wow, this is so long overdue! A few times I have sat down to type up our first week only to have something come up! Hopefully, tonight, with everyone in bed, I will get to write about our first week in Kindergarten using My Father's World! 
Being that I was really nervous to start, I decided that we would start on September 5th, that's right, Labor Day! This way my husband was home to both help me with Malia and more importantly, see/be there for Gage's first day of Kindergarten! The day went NOTHING like I had planned in my head! Ha! Go figure-it usually never does! But(and this is big for me!) I stayed calm, just went with the flow, and gave it to God trusting He knew the plans and they would work out His way....which is exactly what happened! It was probably good for me, because the rest of the week really didn't go on the schedule I had so thought out and planned either! 
So, I already shared about our first day, but I wanted to share what the rest of our first week was like! Our second day, which was without Daddy, actually went much faster! We did our circle time first(pray, reviewed day 1, put a poster of day 2 up, read Genesis 1:6-8, did signs for day, good, and the numbers 1 and 2, sang verse one and two of "The Days of Creation" song, and added in the song, "Do you know who made the world?"). 
Then we worked on the number 2 for our Creation Posters. They colored them and Gage cut his out all by himself and Malia cut almost half of hers out by herself! I was so impressed with both of them! This part of our day does not interest Gage at all. He could careless about coloring, but he does seem to like the cutting part of it! 

To get it 'fun' again, I thought we'd do snack time a little early and then go out to play. We had marshmellows and water to represent how God split the waters in two(marshmellows-clouds, and water-water)
My mother-in-law gave me two white pillowcases, which I cut out arms and a head for the night before. The kids were rather confused at what exactly their mother was doing, but they hung in there with me until I was done. With the pillowcases on, we opened the stuffing and filled the pillowcases up to make them clouds! Then I told them to run all around! I am most certain Gage thought I was crazy! Ha! They loved it though! They were running and bumping into each other and trying to see what they could all do as clouds...roll down the backyard "hill"(very small roll off our patio), ride their bikes, shoot basketballs, swing on the swingset, go down the slide, etc., but the most fun really was rolling down the hill!

We played outside until lunch time and then worked on our Creation Book. They each got a piece of blue paper and then we spread cotton over it to make clouds. Then we did an alphabet puzzle to review our letters. Actually, this was Malia's idea...she dumped all the puzzles, so, while we picked them up, I had Gage do the alphabet, he had to find the letters in the pile of 10 or more puzzles and find each letters home! After that we sat down to read in our Read and Share Bible day 2 of Creation and then put the kids down for their naps! 

It felt so good to have completed two days, not on my schedule, but none-the-less, we did it and had fun! 
When I started this post I titled it, "Week 1 of Creation: The Foundation"...but my eyes have been getting heavy since the third paragraph, so, I changed it to "Day 2 of Creation: The Foundation"! Hopefully, I will get to the rest of the week and week two much sooner! 

the "MittelMommy" behind "MittelSchool"!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

so much to little time!

The title pretty much sums it up! We FINISHED our first week of homeschooling!!! I do want to blog about it and hopefully, I will soon. Our first week was a lot of changes...getting back to a routine after being on vacation for a little over two weeks(naps,!), not having Daddy home all day with us, starting school, starting AWANA, and Daddy's bowling league started up! It felt like a crazy week for this Mama who has been struggling to begin with! But...we made it!!! God truly was my strength! So, I hope that sometime this week I will be able to catch up a little on our first week! I got to blog it before I forget about it! 

Monday, September 5, 2011

We Survived!!!

Dry Erase Board welcoming the kids with their verse!

We did it! Our very first day of homeschooling is done and we are all still alive and no one lost any hair! (Although at one point, I did think that maybe throwing in the towel looked sounded good! Ha!) So, I love to plan, but am not good at staying on schedule! Nothing ever seems to take the amount of time I think it will! Does anyone else have this problem? I had our day totally planned out (to like where I was planning things taking 3-5 minutes past the hour! -You can tell already where this story is going!) and although not a single thing happened at the time I planned for it, it all still worked out! I guess all the 'off timing' was just God's timing! 
The kids got up a little later than usual which normally would be nice, but today I had big plans of doing this on the normal schedule. I was dead tired and didn't wake up before them to do my Bible time, but was still determined that this would be a good day and we will still go on! The kids crawled in bed with Nathan and I for a few minutes and then I got up and put the cinnamon rolls  in the oven. I wanted to do a little special breakfast for the first day and since Nathan was home and he loves these I thought I'd do something special! It's only special at our house because normally we have cereal or toast with sprinkles(cinnamon and sugar)! So, we prayed, ate, read our Bible, closed in prayer, and started school! 

Malia and Gage on their mats                         
I got the kids special mats to sit on during our morning 'circle/calendar' time. I had the kids close their eyes, told them what to look for, and then they turned around and ran to find their mat with their names! They thought this was fun! Gage got a frog mat since he seems to be all into frogs, turtles, and bugs lately(yuck...yuck...and yuck! but I know I have to watch my words and actions as I want him to see they are cool because God created them for some reason!) We call Malia either Cupcake or Bug(Ladybug) so the same store had a ladybug mat! These mats are really mats for kneeling on when you garden! Then I blind folded the kids and asked them what they could see...Nothing..although Gage tried to tell me where everything in the livingroom was by memory! We talked about how before anything was created there was nothing, the world was empty and dark. Then we read Genesis 1:1-5, where God spoke light into being and made the first day and night. This is where Malia was the handful I thought she'd be and took a few minutes of telling her to stop bothering her brother or to sit down. (Thankfully Daddy was home today to help, so, we'll see how Mommy does on her own-almost like another first day!) I think for being 2 though, she did really really good! I could tell they both needed to move so we got some wiggles out and danced while we sang a Creation song to the tune of "This old Man"! (We just sang day one's verse...we'll add to it each day!) After that I asked a few questions to see what Gage got from what we talked about and read. We learned the sign for "Day"...which they both was cute! 

Malia with her bin
Then we moved to the kitchen table where our curriculum as a number to color, cut, and paste for each day of creation. I am not a good mommy when it comes to using scissors, so, I have to admit I was a little impressed at how well Gage did! He chose to color his one in yellow which I thought was great since it was for "light" and Malia colored hers blue! At this time they also got to have their special homeschool bin with their new binders and filled pencil boxes...these were a surprise to them as well!

Gage and his bin
The next few steps in our curriculum were to work on learning the ABC's, but Gage already knows and can recognized them so we kinda just skipped over that part and did a little review for him and a start for Malia. I gave them each a bingo card and some little c-thru circle things to cover the letters as I said and showed them to them. I would say a letter, let's say "g" Gage would find it and say, "I'm done!" and Malia would look at it and then Daddy helped her find it on her sheet..she found a few of them on her own! Then I'd ramble off a few words that started with that letter until our boards were filled up! We sang the clean up song, put things away, and they ran outside to play!

the was huge!
As I was making lunch, my mom called and said to come over that there was a big butterfly that had been sitting for over a half over, so we ran there(I left the food on the counters) and then came home to lunch..sandwiches with oreo cookies and milk for light and one of God's creation!
We played some more, read the book, The Seven Days of Creation(sung to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas) and then tried to do nap time! After our little rest time, we did paper mache to make a globe! They are rather wet so I think my idea of waiting more than 48 hours to the 8th day of this unit might have been a great idea! The kids took a bath and I made BLT pizza with tomatoes out of our garden...yummy! 

Gage's 1st day of Kindergarten picture!
So, I know we started later than I thought, but how do people do all of this in an hour/hour and a half? It took us pretty much the entire day! I think the kids did amazing though! I feel so good that we did it and am so excited for this new adventure! Praise the Lord!
Now I am off to do the dishes and cut my pillowcases for tomorrow!

Malia with her Daddy for her 1st day of tot school! Really she just had to climb the tree like her brother...we are pretty sure she's part monkey! 

Our First Day of Kindergarten is Today!

The last few days I have been a little nervous about us finally actually starting school(you know after over a year of just drooling over My Father's World catalog!)... and then yesterday I felt totally at peace and really super exciting! One, it just seems soooooo unreal that my baby boy is old enough to be starting KINDERGARTEN! How can this be?! It's a humongous change in our lives...he will forever be in school until he is an adult now! This just seems so crazy to me that it's here already, it's now! Second, I am so excited and feel so blessed God has chose ME, his "Mama" to be his teacher! I don't have to send him away in this new adventure and I get to see his growth right in front of these teaching eyes! Amazing!
Well, our day ended up being about 4 hours later than planned and now I'm on here so it's even later for this teacher, who should get a good nights rest before the first day of class! Praying we are all rested and our hearts and mind are ready to absorb what God has for us in learning all about His Creation!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Curriculum...curriculum...curriculum... Oh, How I Love Curriculum!

What we'll be using...
 Opening "My" Box!

Before I ever even started thinking about homeschooling, my friend already knew she would be homeschooling and started her search for what curriculum she would be using with her oldest daughter. Once she found one she liked, she bought it and then showed it to me! I instantly was like in love with it! I was so super excited for her and just wanted it for myself! Especially that teacher's manual! (Remember I always wanted to be a teacher?!) What I really loved was how it was all based on God's Word and His Truth! Suddenly, I started thinking about what I wanted in an education for my children. I just figured they go to public school and turn out fine like I did. But now, having my own children, their education and  "what" exactly they would be being taught became serious to me. I totally loved the idea of Gage and Malia seeing how God had made everything and how amazing His works are, and how He made this beautiful Earth for them! Something that I wish I would have taught at a much younger right from the start! I can't change how I was taught, I'm just thankful God chose to show this Light to me, and so very thankful that I CAN educate my children this way!

So, when my friend showed me her wonderful Kindergarten package from My Father's World I was swept off my feet! Many months later when we felt that we were going to be homeschooling, I just looked up My Father's World and kept falling more and more in love with it (and each grade as I started reading more...a timeline...heart is melting!)! I didn't really feel much need to shop around anymore until it started getting closer to the time that I would actually be ordering it, but all I found was some great books or lessons here and there, and that My Father's World was still calling my name! I love how Kindergarten is all about showing how God made everything and teaching great Godly characteristics for my children and myself to soak up! 
When I was doing a little shopping around, I mentioned I did find a few other things I liked, so, I did buy Christian Liberty Press' The World God Made.

World God Made - Textbook

I really liked this book. I didn't really think I'd add anything, but when I saw this book, I loved how simple, but rich it is in sharing how God made it all! I plan to use a page or two with several of our units. The first two weeks of MFW-K are Creation and we have a lot of Bible story books, but believe it or not, not really much just on, this will be our main reading book/information book for creation! I like how it explains what God did on each day and gives a craft type idea to go along with it! 


Our other additions are from Carisa, from 1+1+1=1, and Jolanthe, at Homeschool Creations, two blogs I found about a month or so ago...they have tons and tons of great ideas and FREE printables that go along with our units! I have gone threw two things of ink and 3 packages of paper since finding these sites! Needless to say, I've printed just about everything they have!

And last but not least....Homeschool Creations shared on facebook a sale on Little Passports and I thought it sounded like so much fun and a nice way to introduce Gage to "the world" outside of our little town! I also thought it might be nice to go back to when we study the Continents and Countries later on! 

 Little Passports

This is what Gage will be doing and I hope to include Malia in as much as possible! I printed off a lot of things for her to do more at her level that are the same theme as what Gage will be doing along with some extra Princess stuff, since she's all into Princesses right now(I so love it!) Miss Malia is one of the reasons I am so nervous. She is a very busy active girl and it worries me, but I'm praying that it will work out and she'll do some stuff with us, some special stuff of her own, and play! 

I am so excited(and totally nervous) for our first year homeschooling! It looks like we'll be having a lot of fun adding into our learning! I think this will be great for Gage as well! I'm praying that we have a wonderful year learning together(another thing I am so stoked about..I will be learning so much Bible history that I don't(sadly) know already! Plus, I'm way more interested in science and geography now than I ever was in school!). I'm praying that it really draws us closer as a family and that we all have a new appreciation for all God has made and done for us as well as more Christ-like heart attitudes that shine for Jesus!!!
the MittelMommy teaching MittelSchool