Tuesday, May 12, 2009

they fit!

i have yet to really try on my prepregnancy clothes, well because i'll probably cry when they dont' fit! i did try on a shirt that felt kinda tight, but my boobs are bigger and my stomach is still mushy. i've been told my baby is only 5 weeks old i need to give myself a break, which i know and what i would tell others because it's true, but i still feel fat and not cute like when i was pregnant with little miss malia! anyway, this morning i braved trying on a pair of capris...and they fit! i was totally surprised. i have to admit though that they are tighter than they were last summer, but hey, i got them on!!! Trying my jeans on is another story. I think I will wait to attempt those for another brave moment!
okay, so i have no idea why all that was underlined and now this line is not. i just finished adding pictures on facebook for my dad ,who lives in another state to see, his grandchildren and i finally got some pictures of malia's room up as well. hopefully sooner rather than later i can get that post up on her room, but my daughter is letting me know that it is time for her to eat, maybe i can get working on it today yet!


He And Me + 3 said...

Feels good to fit in regular clothes so soon after giving birth huh? Great job!

amanda said...

ummmm dustin is six months old and i was still wearing maternity clothes. so i think five weeks is a bit okay. :0) and i'm glad they fit. because i'm going to be needing my maternity capris and summer stuff back. then i don't feel so bad asking for the rest of the stuff. :0) oh and i LOVE the pictures on fb. super cute.