Friday, August 21, 2009

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opps...this is a week late! i saved it instead of publishing it and just noticed! oh well! either way, last week or this week, please pray for my little guy! thanks! This is the update on my sons caringbridge site ( :

When I left off with my last post, Gage needed to start having blood pressure checks and Malia was about to turn 4 months old! Before I give the update on the kids, I wanted to share a ‘post that has been running through my head’ that I never got out.

Two weeks ago, shortly after finding out about Gage’s blood pressure, our pastors wife got up at the end of church and spoke about how God had put ‘complaining…or not complaining really’ on her heart. Many topics bring me to Gage even if it’s not exactly what we are talking about. Like songs about healing, two years later, I still can’t get through them at church. Not totally because Gage was not healed the way I had hoped, but for All God has done for Gage. Well this one brought me to Gage as well. Now, I know this goes for a lot more than just Gage’s blood pressure, but the message was clear and really spoke to me this week! It got me thinking that if Gage’s blood pressure checks are good, then, he is doing good, we are medicine free and totally praise God! It also got me thinking that if these checks show that Gage does have some high blood pressure issues, then I should not complain, but be thankful that it’s being caught right away, God is still watching out for him, that there ‘is’ medicine for him to take and not just complain he has to take it. Gods word tells us, ‘in All things give God the glory, not just when it turns out how ‘we’ want’. All week, this just ran through my head how, I need to give it to God…the worry of the blood pressure checks to all the glory no matter what plan God has! What great peace this also brought me all week!

With that being said, I am happy to report that Gage has had two blood pressure checks, 100/60 and 102/58! Praise the Lord!!! These are just fine numbers for him! His cardiologist would like him to be at about 100, little lower would be great, but she’ll take a little higher as well! It felt so good to go in for his check yesterday and have peace about it either way. Sure my heart would have been saddened, but I still would have more to praise God about than to complain about!

Malia is now 4 months old already and getting closer to 5! She had her 4 month check up and weighed in at 14lbs 8 oz(71%), 23.5 in for height(23%), and 40.5 cm(37%) head circumference. I’m always looking back to see where her and Gage were at – at the same age. I don’t know if it makes the difference that ones a boy and ones a girl or if small differences really make that big of a difference. Gage was 13lbs 9oz, only a pound less, but took him down to the 14th percentile, he was 24 inches tall(18%), and his head measured at 40cm(6%).Not big differences in numbers, but it sure changes the percentiles. My conclusion though, it looks like my kids will just always be short!

Well, I just got my husband off to work, so, I should try to go get a few more hours of sleep before my children are up!

Thanks for praying and praising God with us! We will continue to monitor Gage’s blood pressure in the next month or two just to make sure we find a good average range to go by. I will update after the checks, so please keep them in prayer!


Nathan, Chantae, Gage, and Malia

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He & Me + 3 said...

We are working on the complaining thing over here. Trying hard to be content with whatever comes our way. Glad to hear that is blood pressure was better. I will say a prayer.