Thursday, August 6, 2009

my 4 year anniversary!

reception...cake area
i loved my bridesmaids flowers

our programs
nathan and i at the reception
my mom and dad walking me down the aisle

our vows

four years ago today, nathan and i were up and getting ready for our beautiful wedding day by this time! god has truly blessed me with a wonderful husband! i am forever thankful! but i'm short on time, so, i will just add a few pictures of our special day! my mom is watching our two kiddos for us tonight and then as a surprise i booked us a couples message! i'm excited and i think nathan will love it! his back is always sore from bending over at work welding.

in other news, i have our bedroom almost done! as soon as i get the tree done i will take pictures and post them on here. we have been busy doing more yard work, yes, i know, i said we were done for this year, but then another big idea popped in my head so poor nathan is landscaping again see, isn't he wonderful?
ok. like always i add my pics last and ever since we had to start using different browsers something is always not working right! very annoying! i got it last time so i could add the pictures again and now it won't let me move the pictures where i want them or in any type of order. so i guess they will just have to stay above the writing and all mixed up! and i don't have any good pictures of nathan and i on the computer...they are all on cds. just what i needed to print where on the computer. so there isn't a good/cute one of us either! oh well. enjoy and have a great day!


He & Me + 3 said...

BEautiful pictures and happy anniversary! Love your cakes too. You were a beautiful bride!

Emily said...

Happy Anniversary! Lovely pictures. Looks like a beautiful wedding.

amanda said...

awwww. i can't believe it was four years already. don't you think it's funny when someone says beatiful bride? because you're not beauiful now? lol. you are. you're a beautiful mommy. and friend. still haven't gotten a call yet...grrr. paitently waiting. :0)

Melissa said...

happy anniversary! the pictures are beautiful!