Friday, September 11, 2009

update on gage's caringbridge site

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2009 12:21 AM, CDT

Gage has had a few more blood pressure checks since my last post. On 8/27 he was 122/64. Since this was so high, the nurse waited a few minutes and checked it again. This time she got 112/58, lower, but still too high. Honestly it was a shock and discouraging. His blood pressure checks have been good, so, I really was not that concerned. Dr. Strasburger decided to start him back on Enalipril. He is on a very low dosage of .7 mls twice a day. She said she was not sure he fully needs it right now, but she's hoping it helps in the long run. If his blood pressure is high it means that his heart is working harder and will result in wearing out and causing his valves to leak. So, the hope is that starting the medicine will cause the valves not to have to work so hard so that leakage he does have does not get worse at a fast rate. Again, it was very hard going back on a medicine after being off 9 months. I know that at the same time, we are thankful for the 9 months and that some children never go off, but the enalipril is like a daily reminder and I don't miss that! But Lord willing, it will help Gage in the long run!
So, today he had his first check being on the Enalipril. It was 108/56, so it's come down, but still high. He's been on the medicine since last Tuesday, and the nurse today said it takes a good week or two to take full effect. So it might help out a little more, but Dr. Strasburger said she'd start low and go up from there as to not shock his body with a big dose right off the bat. So going up won't surprise me, but staying as low as we can would be nice too!
On some other news-we signed up today, as Heart Hikers 4 Gage, to "hike' in the Brigg's & Al's Run & Walk for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin again! Obviously you all know how much CHW means to our family. God has done miracles through the doctors and nurses to give Gage the life he has today! We are forever praising God and thankful for the team of Doctors and Nurses who have taken care of Gage through both his surgies. If you would like to join our team and support us, please visit -we would love to have you join us! And either way, if you feel led to make a tax deductable donation, please visit, -we really appreciate your donation to help with awesome cause!
Gage goes back for a blood pressure check next week. I'm not sure exactly how long we'll be doing this, but probably at least a few more weeks until we know how much medicine he needs.
A little Sister update-She's getting so big and she's so cute! (Okay, I know, I'm her I might be a tiny bit biased!) She is rolling over a little bit, but not very often since her big brother just pushes her over as soon as she gets mad. Which is within the first few seconds of being put on her belly! But at least she can and does do it when she gets the chance! She is starting to play so much with hanging toys and she loves to hold her feet or push toys away with her feet. And yesterday she starting giggling outloud-so adorable! Gage just loves her to pieces and is quite the helper and well, Malia, she just loves that big brother of hers...she lights up every time he comes near!
Again, thank you for your prayers!
Nathan, Chantae, Gage and Malia

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He & Me + 3 said...

Oh no...I am sorry to hear that he had to go back on the meds. I will be praying.
Cant wait to see updated pictures. I am sure Malia is growing like a little weed.