Monday, October 5, 2009

another update or two...from gage's site

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2009 10:00 PM, CDT

A few weeks has once again passed, so I have a few updates on Gage's blood pressure checks.
After Gage's blood pressure check of 108/56 on Sept. 10th, I got a surprise call the next Monday from Kris, at Strasburger's office saying we were going up on the Enalipril. I was very upset, as I was told they were giving him two weeks. So we went from .7 mls to 1ml twice a day. Then he had another check on Sept. 24th. This appointment too, was very discouraging as we moved up on the medicine so did his blood pressure. His first check was 110/48 and the second check was 106/50. There are some slight factors like Gage was sick and a little congested so that makes it go up, but either way, it is still too high. So, the next day Kris called again to increase his medicine to 1.3 mls twice a day.
Then on the 28th Gage got into the fridge and into his medicine. I came in to see most if not all of it on the floor, but I could not be sure he didn't swallow any of it. I called Kris, who told me to take him to the ER to get a blood pressure check, to make sure it wasn't dropping too low. It was at about 94 over something. Strasburger was contacted and had an IV put in incase they would need to give him a counteracting medicine right away and then ordered him to be transfered to the Children's Hospital at Theda Clark to monitor him for about 6 hours, since that is when the medicine would have peaked by. Gage did really good the entire time! They had a Thomas movie for him to watch! The entire time he was there his blood pressure was anywhere in the low 90's to low 100's, which Strasburger was happy to see, but of course we didn't know if this is where he's been running on the new dose or if he actually did swallow some! The whole thing just made me freak out, but God was watching over him and knew the outcome!
This past Friday, the 2nd we had another blood pressure check. We went in really praying that he didn't swallow a little extra Enalipril and that he would still be in the range Strasbuger said is safe for his heart. Stephanie, came to get him and he acted a little odd, not wanting to go. Normally he runs along and plays with her once we are in the room. Friday...not so. He kept telling her "no" and even hid under the chair saying he wanted to take a nap! We think there might have been a little 'white coat or in this case nurse scrubs syndrome' going on from the ER visit and the several pokes to get a blood draw. Once we got him out she took his blood pressure and it was 108/48...once again high. I stated that he was lower in the ER the other day and that Strasburger thought he'd be lower b/c the tests they did didn't show much change in anything else, so they felt he didn't swallow much if any. So, Dr. Hunt said to wait a few minutes and take it again. Stephanie got back on the floor and asked all about Thomas while Gage started to warm back up to her! This blood pressure was better at 98/46! "Thank you Lord...Thank You Lord" just kept running through my head. I have prayed several times daily for a good blood pressure check for weeks and last week was the week God had for it! I expect to get a call from Kris tomorrow, but I'm not sure of what the results are going to be. Strasburger said that if he was 100 or lower, we would not be changing his medicine, but if it was higher we'd need to increase it yet. So, the first check was higher, but he was very unsure of what was going to happen, and then the second check was just what she was wanting, so, if she'll look more at the 108 or 98 I'm not sure. Stephanie thought she'd take the circumstances into consideration, so, Lord willing, she will. If he needs to go up, then that's what we'll do, but it'd be really great to not need a big dose. Please be in prayer for continued good blood pressure checks and peace for Nathan and I(I guess mostly me, as I'm the one who gets upset after each call from Kris)! I have had a hard time dealing/talking with Kris, but after our ER visit and a talk with Dr. Strasburger, I have calmed down and I'm not so upset with her. So, I'm thankful for that peace as well...I'm sure Kris is too! Ha! I will find out when Kris calls if we will need to do another check or not. If the medicine goes up then we will and if not, then we'll be able to wait a little while!
I'd like to get a post out about the walk we have coming up, in less than a week, but I think since this is getting long, I'll leave it for (hopefully) tomorrow! Please be in prayer about where and if you feel led to donate. The cause truly has blessed us and means so much to our family and all the other children, like Gage, that is helps to save their lives as well!
Nathan, Chantae, Gage, and Malia

I don't really know how to start with something like this and it's really not me to ask for money, so, I will just say, please pray and do what you feel led to do! We have a team of walkers, Heart Hikers 4 Gage, going down to Milwaukee this Saturday the 10th to "hike" in the Brigg's and Al's Run and Walk for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. All the money raised goes directly to the hospital in return benefiting the children, like Gage, who are always in need of the care CHW provides! A lot of the money raised last year as well as this year goes to the new building that finished up this Spring. Although, I hope it's a long while before we have to see it for ourselves, I'm kind of 'excited' to see just how nice it is! The building has a Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, which will directly affect and bless Gage in the future. The rooms are a little nicer for the doctors and nurses to work as well as a little room for the parents! I'm so glad that there is a little nook for the parents in the rooms now! I hated leaving Gage at night during his first surgery and the last surgery, I slept in a chair throwing up at about 5 months pregnant with miss Malia..not fun nor comfortable, but Gage came first! So, I just think the area for family is really nice and I heard they have t.v.'s in the rooms, which might give us parents a little something to do while our children sleep most of the time! So, as you can see, the money raised does so much and truly blesses the children and families who need Children's Hospital. All of you who read Gage's story know how priceless the hospital, doctors and nurses are to our family! So please consider making a (tax-deductable) donation to support our team, Gage, and the many other children this will bless!
Donations can be made to me personally or we have set up a fundraising page you can donate online with:
If by any chance you'd like to still join in on our team, please do so at : (Team: Heart Hikers 4 Gage Password: gagehiker or contact me at -we'd love to have you! Thank you too, to those of you who are walking! Your time and love you put into this to show your love and support to Gage and our family means so much to us! We are touched and feel blessed by it all!
Nathan, Chantae, Gage, Malia and the Heart Hikers 4 Gage Team

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wow what a scary situation. Hope that his blood pressure becomes regular and that he doesn't need any more meds or checks. very scary.