Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Going to (TRY) to start blogging again...can you believe it?!?!

I have been thinking about starting to blog again for awhile now, so, I'm not promising I'll be any better at it than I was, but thanks to a sweet blogger, who always comments on my blog or when I sign her blog, who has said a few times that she misses my posts, I thought I'd try again! It really isn't that I haven't wanted to, because, I have, it's kinda fun and nice to write/get things out, but ever since having Malia 15 months ago(I know, I never even did a one year post for her! And my header is still her birth pictures from the hospital!!) I just never seem to get on the computer as much as I use to! I don't know exactly why that is because she is a really good and content little girl! She isn't as demanding of attention as Gage always was, but still very active! She goes from one thing to the next! So, here's my little post to hopefully get me started on blogging a little bit again! I think it said that my last post was in January, making it 6 months -almost 7 since I've blogged! Not sure how you mommies do it several times a week!
And just because it's been so long, I'll go add a picture or two of my (cute) kiddos!

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He & Me + 3 said...

Wow have they grown. So glad that you posted. It is often difficult to keep I no longer post everyday and my posts are shorter now unless it is a major event that I need to cover for the inlaws. :)
Your children are just precious.
WElcome back.