Friday, January 29, 2010

Where are you Christmas?

so, i had planned to post a few little things that i made this christmas season, and clearly i never got to them! so before it's valentine's day, i'll post a few pictures. i made a few gifts for my friend, amanda's kids and after i wrapped them i realized i never took pictures of them, so maybe she'll read this and take a pic for me...hint hint...i made my mom a plate sign for in her kitchen that i see i did not take a pic of either! guess i'll have to do that next time we are over! anyway, so, here are the pictures...
i have yet to find stockings for the kids that i really like to have up every year and since this year was tight on money, i found these stockings and decorated them a little for the kids!

then i got this idea from another blogger and thought they were cute and probably easy to do so i'd try it...making the ornaments overall was easy, but getting the tinsel in the tiny opening of the bulb...not the easiest and the glass is not smooth! but they did turn out cute! i might make more for next year! i made one for each nathan and i as well, but only took pictures of the kids'...the theme was the same though, girls got more red and boys got more green!
and this is the ornament that malia made for everyone in the family for christmas. i got this idea from amanda, as she did it with amelya when she was a baby! it's her little hand print with a poem about four snowmen! very cute! i did it for gage's first christmas too on a blue ornament. and every year since gage has made an ornament, except this year. i was really kinda out of ideas and stressed out this year. so i do feel bad about that. maybe we'll think of something for next year!
that's about all i took pictures of this year! actually, i only made a few more things and they were all gifts, but normally, i like to take pictures of everything, so, hopefully, i'll get pictures of those items too sometime soon!
So, where are you Christmas? Just about finally packed up and in a box until next Christmas! praying everyone keeps the reason for the season in your hearts all year not just Dec. 25th!


Emily said...

I LOVE the hand print snowman ornament!

He & Me + 3 said...

Those ornaments are great. Amen to keeping the reason for the season in our hearts all year long.

Melissa said...

maddie wanted to bake a cake for jesus' birthday but we never got around to year we will definitely will have to!!