Monday, September 5, 2011

Our First Day of Kindergarten is Today!

The last few days I have been a little nervous about us finally actually starting school(you know after over a year of just drooling over My Father's World catalog!)... and then yesterday I felt totally at peace and really super exciting! One, it just seems soooooo unreal that my baby boy is old enough to be starting KINDERGARTEN! How can this be?! It's a humongous change in our lives...he will forever be in school until he is an adult now! This just seems so crazy to me that it's here already, it's now! Second, I am so excited and feel so blessed God has chose ME, his "Mama" to be his teacher! I don't have to send him away in this new adventure and I get to see his growth right in front of these teaching eyes! Amazing!
Well, our day ended up being about 4 hours later than planned and now I'm on here so it's even later for this teacher, who should get a good nights rest before the first day of class! Praying we are all rested and our hearts and mind are ready to absorb what God has for us in learning all about His Creation!

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