Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 2 of Creation: The Foundation

What we are using for the Creation Unit
Wow, this is so long overdue! A few times I have sat down to type up our first week only to have something come up! Hopefully, tonight, with everyone in bed, I will get to write about our first week in Kindergarten using My Father's World! 
Being that I was really nervous to start, I decided that we would start on September 5th, that's right, Labor Day! This way my husband was home to both help me with Malia and more importantly, see/be there for Gage's first day of Kindergarten! The day went NOTHING like I had planned in my head! Ha! Go figure-it usually never does! But(and this is big for me!) I stayed calm, just went with the flow, and gave it to God trusting He knew the plans and they would work out His way....which is exactly what happened! It was probably good for me, because the rest of the week really didn't go on the schedule I had so thought out and planned either! 
So, I already shared about our first day, but I wanted to share what the rest of our first week was like! Our second day, which was without Daddy, actually went much faster! We did our circle time first(pray, reviewed day 1, put a poster of day 2 up, read Genesis 1:6-8, did signs for day, good, and the numbers 1 and 2, sang verse one and two of "The Days of Creation" song, and added in the song, "Do you know who made the world?"). 
Then we worked on the number 2 for our Creation Posters. They colored them and Gage cut his out all by himself and Malia cut almost half of hers out by herself! I was so impressed with both of them! This part of our day does not interest Gage at all. He could careless about coloring, but he does seem to like the cutting part of it! 

To get it 'fun' again, I thought we'd do snack time a little early and then go out to play. We had marshmellows and water to represent how God split the waters in two(marshmellows-clouds, and water-water)
My mother-in-law gave me two white pillowcases, which I cut out arms and a head for the night before. The kids were rather confused at what exactly their mother was doing, but they hung in there with me until I was done. With the pillowcases on, we opened the stuffing and filled the pillowcases up to make them clouds! Then I told them to run all around! I am most certain Gage thought I was crazy! Ha! They loved it though! They were running and bumping into each other and trying to see what they could all do as clouds...roll down the backyard "hill"(very small roll off our patio), ride their bikes, shoot basketballs, swing on the swingset, go down the slide, etc., but the most fun really was rolling down the hill!

We played outside until lunch time and then worked on our Creation Book. They each got a piece of blue paper and then we spread cotton over it to make clouds. Then we did an alphabet puzzle to review our letters. Actually, this was Malia's idea...she dumped all the puzzles, so, while we picked them up, I had Gage do the alphabet, he had to find the letters in the pile of 10 or more puzzles and find each letters home! After that we sat down to read in our Read and Share Bible day 2 of Creation and then put the kids down for their naps! 

It felt so good to have completed two days, not on my schedule, but none-the-less, we did it and had fun! 
When I started this post I titled it, "Week 1 of Creation: The Foundation"...but my eyes have been getting heavy since the third paragraph, so, I changed it to "Day 2 of Creation: The Foundation"! Hopefully, I will get to the rest of the week and week two much sooner! 

the "MittelMommy" behind "MittelSchool"!

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