Monday, October 10, 2011

Days 3 and 4 of Creation: The Foundation

For this whole week of Creation, we really do the same basic concepts each day, just change them up a little bit by learning about the different things God created on that specific day!
So, for day 3, we did our circle time(pray, put day 3 poster up, review days 1 and 2, read Genesis 1:9-13, review signs and add night and flower, verses 1-3 of The Creation Song)
Then we did our number 3(color, cut and paste to poster) and an alphabet review. Today I had some puzzles that you matched up the upper and lowercase of each letter. Again, Gage did really good at this and it was total review, but I think since it was something new, he liked it! (They were from Targets dollar section this year)

Then, for Gage and Malia's favorite part of each day...snack time! We made dirtcups to show how God made the land and filled it with trees, plants, and flowers! After that we went outside to play for awhile. We had done more this morning than any other morning so far before snack and playtime, so, I felt like we were improving a little bit!
Then we made our page for our Creation book of day three. And for the first time, we actually listened to the song, "This is My Father's World"! I have to admit that I feel a little bad that it's the first time we got to it since MFW says we should do it daily, but it never seemed to fit in where I still had Gage's attention. We watched/listened to the song on I found a version by Amy Grant, that I liked! Gage then told me all the things in the video that God made! It is a beautiful video.

Later in the afternoon we made rainsticks from yesterdays study, but we didn't get to them. The kids seemed to like them. I basically had them made and they decorated them.
For storytime we read in our Bible again, reading days 1-3. Then at bedtime my mom came over to read them a story and she read them The Berenstain Bears Discover God's Creation.

Day 4 went pretty good as well! We did our circle time(pray, review days 1-3, put up our day 4 poster, read Genesis 1:14-19, reviewed our sing language we've been learning, and sang verses 1-4 of our Creation song.-while we sing, I let them get some wiggles out by dancing around and then when I say,"On day__ they hold up that number on their fingers!)
We sang the Alphabet song, the way we normally do since Gage does not like the way MFW has us sing it. He keeps telling me I'm singing it wrong! Ha!

Then we worked on our number 4 for our Creation Poster, more coloring, pasting, and cutting.
For snack time, I found fish crackers at Target that were spaced themed! When I saw them, I thought what perfect timing for these to come out! The kids liked to find the star, moon, and spaceshuttle shapes! We also had some star shaped marshmellows, just because I had bought them first and then saw the fish crackers, so we had both!

After this we had a longer play time than usual just because it was beautiful outside and I know that all too soon, Winter will be here! So, I'm trying to let the kids enjoy God's beautiful Earth He made for us!
Then we did our page for our Creation Book. The kids drew the sun and moon and I had some star stickers for them to add to the night sky!
Then I found another video on of "This is My Father's World"-today Gage just listened.
At dinner time, we read our Bible for day 4 of God's Creation.

And that wrapped up our first week of Creation...we skipped one day and just played as mommy did not feel good...but I guess when you are homeschooling and studying God's Creation, it's OK, to take an entire day to just play in His Creation!)
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amanda said...

looks like school started out well. praying it is continuing that way. we're taking this week off for "fall break", and we have something going on each day after today this it works out quite well.
did you get my email the other week? actually i think it was a few weeks ago now, i'm not sure. just checking because i had asked a question about some things i have of yours that i have. just let me know. otherwise i can resend it.

Ann said...

thanks for dropping by my blog! =) You guys seem to be having fun! We're doing Day 6 tomorrow for K and the older one for Adv. K is soooo fun, I love it that we're doing it a second time (and again, I am having another tag-along). I love that pillow idea, though we don't have space to "run outside"...=(