Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summin' up Creation and Lesson 1: Ss Jesus is the Light of the World!

Our "Circle Time" Area
     Ahh! I started school with the kids in September, blogged about it a few days and now it is the end of July! This should not surprise anyone who has seen my 'blogging history'! I am happy to say though that we have stuck with doing school and are enjoying it more, having better days, and more fun as well! Part in me calming down about it and part in Gage just growing and getting use to doing school and a routine. you can't guess which child is my silly one! ha!
     We finished up days 5-10 of the Creation Unit by doing our circle time(pray, calendar, weather, songs, signs, etc), talking about and reviewing the 7 days of creation, reviewing letters, coloring, cutting, painted our paper mache globes, and reading books on God's Creation!

     Then we moved on to Lesson 1: Ss Sun: Jesus is the light of the world! Each day we did our circle time(added in season, today, tomorrow, and yesterday, along with a shape, color, character trait, and state of the day/week, and added a leaf to our tree on the wall with the letter 's' and sang a little jingle thing to go along with Chicka Chicka Boom boom!) Then we did some math(started counting to 100 and counting beans). For Reading we went over the S sound and colored and cut some flash cards with words that started with the S sound, practice writing the letter S s and number 1. For Science this week we talked about the sun, put grapes in a cup to make raisins and charted each day with a drawing, also planted and charted beans to use in lesson 4, the leaf unit, used yellow and orange markers to make a sun with patterned rays, we also walked around blindfolded then in the light to see why light is important. We used a flashlight and globe in the closet, made a solar system mobile. We also painted a sun with our handprints, made and charted a sundial, and read a few Bible verses that were in the teacher's manual. Each day we read a book as well: A Child's Good Morning Book, What the Sun Sees, Jesse Bear, What will you wear?, Fancy Nancy Sees Stars, Sun, Moon, and Stars, and Bear Shadow. We also had some absolutely beautiful Fall weather so we played outside and enjoyed God's Beautiful World before the cold starts setting in!
   As you can see/read this is a very sloppy, thrown together post on what we did! (Run on sentences and blabbing...going to hit save without checking it over!), but I wanted to still post about what we did. We may be in 3rd grade by the time I ever get caught up with writing about Kindergarten, but at least I'll have done it! LOL I am not going to make promises, but I hope to continue to get on here and share what we have done! 

I found Gage reading to Malia...Love it!

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