Saturday, June 6, 2009

Miss Malia

well, it has been a really long while and i've promised a tour of malia's room a few times, and i've got the thing (barely) started. i will get it done sooner or later! for now i thought i would do a little update though...

I can't believe my baby girl is already two months old! the time is flying by, i tell ya! she is still a very sleepy girl. she just barely wakes up enough every 3 hours to eat and once during the night. i can't complain about that since she's been doing it for over a month now! ptl! every few days she wakes up enough to have some awake time and stretch around. i was shocked this past week at her two month check up. my little peanut who was 6lbs 5oz at birth, went down to 5lbs 12.8oz and by two weeks old was only at 6lbs 1oz was 10 whole pounds and 13 oz!!!! i guess not so little anymore. my mom is always telling me that my milk is pure fat, i guess she is right! lol she does pretty good at tummy time though, holding her head up pretty good for someone who can barely open her eyes enough to know what's going on! and today, she smiled a true smile at her daddy! she has been doing little smiles at me while nursing the last two weeks, but today it was for sure a real smile and it was adorable!
we are really enjoying and loving on her! gage is doing really good with her as well! he is always wanting to give her hugs and kisses. he will only call her 'sister''s cute! and now we are all pretty much calling her just that, sister. i have to think to say her name to ppl and not call her sister! lol he also likes to hold her, but that lasts for about maybe two seconds and then he's done. when he is done he likes to just push her off, so, i could not let her go for even a split second! i need to go make a very late dinner now, but before i do, i will post a few more pictures of my precious kiddos...just love them!!!

and just for kicks, here's one of my good-looking husband! love him too!

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He And Me + 3 said...

I can't believe that it has been 2 months. Wow. She is precious and I love her sweet face. Just Beautiful!