Sunday, June 7, 2009

what were we doing on a rainy day?

okay, so let me tell you what we did this past rainy saturday! our plans were to take the kids to the zoo, but since it was going to rain we decided to do it another day. and because we had two barberry shrubs die this past winter, i had bought some new shrubs and thought we could get them in the ground before the rain and then when it rained it would water them for me! well like always my small projects end up being big! good thing my husband is such a good sport and loves me! lol so the above picture is of the front of our house where the landscaping project started...
here is the right side of our house...last fall we redid the rock area and took out some stones that were uneven and full of weeds. so this year i did my normal flower pots, ending up buying a sand cherry bush and added seven groups of lilies and between them are sedums...i think sand cherries are really pretty especially when they bloom and if you know me, you'll know i love lilies! i got the lilies from my mom and granny who each had several different colors, and did not label them when they dug them out so i'm curious what colors i have...things have to be in a certain order for me, so hopefully once they bloom i (who am i kidding? nathan)) won't be changing too many around!here is the right side of our front door. we had this (ugly) bush where i now have a flower pot in a wheelbarrow, then the spirea was there, we pulled out this ugly ground cover thing and put in the sedum(plain, but for some reason i really like them since they give color in the fall), added another sand cherryl, sedum, and then an emerald gold(two tone) and my usual flower pot. once they start growing the sand cherry will give some height between the two windows.and this is the left side of the front door. from the door to the's hard to see because gage is standing there...but we put in a sedum, my normal pot is there, and then my husband put in a mailbox for me! we had one on the house and most ppl think it's so nice, but i can't decorate it, so we put in a $70 mailbox(with wood and all that) for me to decorate! lol see, my husband totally loves me and puts up with me! ha! then is the emerald gold, a sedum, a new barberry(you know the whole reason we started this, was to just replace the two that died, that were in the spots where the emerald golds are and the emerald golds where in the middle), then another sedum, spirea, and it got cut off, but after the spirea is another sand cherry. once it all gets bigger, i think it will look really nice, at least i hope so for all the work we did in the rain!here is a close up of the mailbox that i have to decorate yet, but it just got put in last night. oh and there is the sedum you couldn't see in the picture above!i might have posted this before, i don't remember, but i only made it a few weeks ago so it might not be in a post yet. here is the sign i made of our family name for outside. more vinyl using my cricut expression...i love creating on it! i thought it would go good above the mailbox so that i can decorate the mailbox and just have our house number on it. our long name would take up too much decorating room! lol the little 'dots' are rhinestones. i think i might do another one for the fall and winter seasons since this one is sealed to hopefully withstand the after the sandcherry in the front going around to the left side of the house is a big purple lilac bush, i think you can see a tiny bit of it. this part was actually last falls project, but this is the first time we're getting to see then are some more lilies, a sedum, a puprle thing my neighbor gave me that i thought was so pretty last year, then a yellow potentilla, more lilies, sedum, a bleeding heart, and yet another sand cherry!
this is our patio we put in last year! we thought it was huge at the time, now that gage's toys are out, it's seeming very small! lol it's actually wider than our two and a half car garage. i skipped the other half of the landscaping in the back just because it's mainly hostas that will be on there way out so that i can add in some lilies and yellow potentilas!it's not up in the pic above since it got windy i took it down last night, but it's a sign (yes, more vinyl) i made for the patio. this is one of the sides of the patio. they are the same on both sides so i'll just bore you with one. but so far starting from the house forward, i have lilies, a sand cherry(incase you haven't notice there is one on every 'corner' of the yard) then is a sedum, area for a yellow potentilla(the store was out so i have to go back) another sedum and i'm not sure if i'm going to leave the 'triangle' area or put in some red flowers that i'll have to plant each year. then lastly all around the house i have tulips planted to show up early next spring before everything else starts!
so THAT is what my husband and i, but mostly my husband were doing on a rainy day. thankfully, it was just a drizzle, a very cold one for this time of year though. and my sweet granny wanted to hold malia so i just ran to her house at feeding times (she lives about 9 houses down the street from us) and my mom took gage for the day! it worked out really nice! now i can't wait to see everything grow and in bloom...and get at that mailbox! ha!


He And Me + 3 said...

It all looks great. Love the signs. You have a very cute house.

Jessica!!! said...

You have an ADORABLE house!!!! Love the landscaping. It's sooo fun! Our stuff is small looks teeeeny tiny compared to all of our neighbors! But soon both of our yards will grow.... :)

And I REALLY want to see pics of Malia's room!!! You are super talented!