Tuesday, June 23, 2009

finally keeping my promise!

malia's room...can you believe it?!?!
alright, i don't know why i once again can not add pictures. i thought the problem was fixed, but apparently it's not, which is very irritating since i'm still up at almost 1 a.m. trying to do this and my daughter will be up in 3 hours to eat and as you see, i'm just starting this! argh! oh, praise the lord! i got it to work! -without calling my brother even! ha! wouldn't he be so proud of me!(that puts the bumble bee song in my head, you know, "won't my mommy be so proud of me, i'm throwing up a baby bumble bee!") okay, on to the tour...of malia's room! (finally, i know!)
~this is looking into her room from the door. as you can see my theme, was purple and the song, "jesus loves me..."(which i cut out of vinyl using my cricut-love it!) i have had this idea since i was like in 9th grade and i finally got to do it! i had intended to do it in gage's room, but know about the cricut yet and didn't know a way to put the wording up since i could not free hand it and i don't care for the look of stencils. anyway, here it is!

~here's a close up of her dresser, which is totally full of newborn and 0-3 month clothing! i had the knobs, outlets, and light switch plate painted to match her crib set, sugar plum by CoCaLo:
~here is a close up of her crib set: i had my mother in law make the matching pillows out of the extra crib sheet i bought for her to make a regular size pillowcase for when malia is older and then the other one is from the diaper holder thing that came with:
~this is the wall art i did to put her name into her room. i got this idea from the blog, a sister for the bean, which is now private. i copied her idea of the wooden circles and hanging them by ribbon, which i had done in my own room as well awhile back, but then the colors, lettering and details i made to be more 'me' and to fit malia's room. i really liked how it turned out, so, thanks, asisterforthebean, for the great idea! it was a fun project to do while my husband painted the room! it's kind of hard to see, but the butterflies are wall stickers that go with the bedroom set and then my husband and i painted the dashed lines to look like they were flying:~next is the changing table, here are the baskets i made for on the shelves to store stuff, which is why i didn't need the diaper stacker thing:
~okay, now looking to the right, from standing at the door, is the start of her collection of hair clippies(got them off etsy from briar.claire-love them, very cute and for a great cause-helping to raise money for the adoption of little miss claire!) and her closet:

~here is just a small wall area next to the closet with the rest of the verse. i haven't put a decoration above the lyrics yet, just b/c i am not sure what i want, if anything, maybe a family picture while pregnant with her. this picture also shows up close another butterfly we painted. we did a few of them around the room for little touches of the butterflies flying around:
~now, still standing at the door, looking to the left is really just her big window and another butterfly:
~and last but not least, here is the wall that the door is in. it's not finished yet, under the sign i made, i bought pictures frames to put pictures in, now i just need to print the pictures and get them up! hopefully before she's a year old would be nice! ha! then due to a small house and no where else to go with my scrapbooking stuff, it's all along this wall for now. then above her door is another butterfly:
i know it's a mess, but i've been using all my stuff lately(did more vinyl work in my living room!) and i just plain don't have enough room!and that's the tour of miss malia's room! i hope it was worth the wait! i will sign off with a few more pictures of the kiddos, i know, there's already been enough pictures, but a few more won't hurt, and because we are leaving on vacation to visit my dad and have my relatives meet malia and see gage again, i will be gone for a least two weeks on vacation and then however long it takes for me to get back on here!
he's so stinkin' cute!

tonight we did pictures of malia in the baptism dress my granny made for me. we set the background up to look just like the pictures of me, this picture however is not one of them, but a snapshot i took of her laying on my nursing cover afterwards, and i just liked how her eyes were actually open!
this is what nathan and malia did on father's day! priceless! nathan got an emergency tooth pulled on saturday afternoon so he couldn't eat much for lunch and was still a little uncomfortable and well, malia just loves to be snuggled up to her daddy so i think it perfect afternoon for both!
and this one really is for my friend, who recently cut off her little guys blond's gage at 18 months! i hated to cut the sweaty dirty curls off this adorable little guy as well...
okay, well, i think i am finally finished and it is 2:12 so i better get my biscuits in bed! g'night!
-i just read my post and found several errors, so because it's so late and i'm so over tired, please just ignore them! thanks! =)

~update: i just read a comment that took me back to the pictures of my house, where i realized i did not have my mailbox done yet and i mentioned it in the above post, so here is what i did to my mailbox:

i know that no one else is going to notice this who walks past or drives past my house, but because i usually have a meaning behind things, i'll share this one with you so that someone at least knows all my thinking that went into this mailbox! lol okay, so, the dark brown flowers are on the outer sides so that there wouldn't be so much dark brown and the house number would still stick out. and looking at the picture, the one on the left is the tallest flower to represent nathan, and then on the right the dark brown flower is a lil smaller to be me, and then back over by nathan is a lil smaller flower than 'me' that is tan to be gage, and then by her mama is an even smaller one to represent malia! ...and here you thought it was JUST a mailbox design! =) i did not seal the mailbox so that if i get around to it, i can change the design with each season! okay, that was, i was going to say last vinyl project, but that isn't true, i did a lil bit more in my living room the other night. when i get that all done and to my liking, i'll share it with you all! hopefully you guys don't get too sick of my house projects! okay, off to get some breakfast! have a wonderful god-given's beautiful(and hot)!


A Dog on My Chair said...

What a sweet room. Love the vinyl...So whats next?

T Sharee said...

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Brandi said...

Wow!! I can't believe Gage is SUCH A BIG BOY already!! He looks GREAT! :)

Malia's room is GORGEOUS!! I'm so impressed!