Friday, December 25, 2009

merry christmas!

wow. it's just about a week shy of 3 months since my last post! i have wanted to get on here and do a post several times and i just never get to it! not that anyone really cares, but it is kind of fun to do!
life has been so crazy lately. i guess it probably always is though! it seems like i hardly have time to get online and read everyones blogs like i used to...but i still skim them! life at home has been crazy good!
gage is getting so close to 3 years old! i can't believe it. i don't know how he can be turning three years old. he has been through so much, but is still such a stinker at times and loads of fun! he just loves to soak up everything he can! he's so smart. (if you ask my brother or even if you don't ask-my brother will tell you gage takes after him! ha!) and he's so cute! (that my dad claims is after he does look a lot like my dad with nathan's (my husband)smile! gage is still obsessed with thomas, but likes superwhy, clifford, and elmo too. i am pretty sure we are going to do a thomas birthday party. i'm sort of torn on to invite friends or wait yet. i think it'd be fun and he loves to play with his little friends, but he's only turning 3. but i also know he loves to play with them and it would probably make a great day super fun to him! what do you guys do? even if he doesn't remember it, it'll still make cute pictures for the scrapbook! his birthday always comes up so fast after christmas. i feel like i need to start on his birthday stuff either while doing all the christmas stuff or the day after. i like to make my own invites, but i found some cute thomas ones that might just make it easier on me, plus they are personalized! and they'd be cute in the scrapbook! lol always thinking on that if you couldn't tell!
my sweet malia is almost 9 months old! sitting up, starting to pull herself up and getting so close to crawling! didn't amanda just hack my blog and announce she was born?!?!?!?! i'm positive that could not have been 9 months ago! she's such a sweet happy girl. she doesn't cry much, but when she does, it's a scream. no crying here! she is so much fun to dress and do her hair. it's finally growing back in and i can just barely get her clippies in again!! that was an exciting day for me when i noticed that hair seemed long suddenly and the idea of a clip maybe fitting in again! i know, i might be a dork. but it's so cute! and she's such a doll! or we call her 'cupcake' actually, so a lot of her stuff is starting to become a cupcake theme! she was a lot of fun for her first christmas! gage was the most fun he's been this year too! he didn't care too much about gifts and opening them his first christmas and he was 11 months old. but this year they were both fun! it was exciting telling them all about the meaning of christmas...reading books, watching the christmas story movie, acting it out with the little people nativity scene, making the cake and singing 'happy birthday jesus'...i'm so glad god has drawn both my husband and i to him and that we get to teach our little gifts all about the ultimate gift...Jesus!
i'm going to go add some pictures and then sign off since it's late and my 3rd night in a row going to bed after midnight and we have a breakfast with the family in the morning at my groovy granny's house!


He & Me + 3 said...

What a sweet family. The kids are so cute. Glad you are doing well. Have a blessed 2010! Love that snow picture. Wow we don't have any. Boo hoo.

Melissa said...

love the pictures!