Thursday, December 31, 2009

little miss cupcake

other than the fact that miss malia is a little chubby and has a lot of cute outfits with cupcakes on them, i'm not sure how her nickname has become 'cupcake'! but it's cute and fun!
i didn't realize this until after my groovy granny started calling her cupcake that cupcakes seem to be an 'in' thing right now! malia has about 5 outfits with a cupcake or cupcakes on them and i just bought a shirt at kohls for when she is a little older...since it was on sale, why not, right?!
anyway, so, i was at target, and looking through their dollar section and found several cupcake things! it was fun to find stuff for only a buck! lol

anyway, i found scrapbook paper and embellishments...which are so perfect because of course i'll have to scrapbook how we call her 'cupcake' and all of her cupcake things she is starting to get!
then although i am not ready for this, but it got me thinking about her first birthday and how i can use the cupcake stamp i got on her invitations and my mother-in-law makes cakes and she just did one of those big cupcake things, which i have to admit, i thought was a little odd when i first saw them, but now i'm thinking how cute it could be for malia's cupcake theme!
then i found kitchen towels, oven mitt, and hot pad all with a cupcake on them so i figured she had to have them for her little kitchen set when she is older! yeah, it was so much fun shopping the other day! i also saw an adorable cupcake theme bedroom set, and i would consider doing it, but right now, i just did a room for her that i love and i'm not ready to start over and i think it will make a nice room for her now and through the toddler young child stage. who knows, maybe if the name sticks, we'll be ready for something fun around elementary school age! hopefully we'll be able to find cupcake stuff by then!

my dear groovy granny has been so in love with malia. she's always been a great granny to all of us, i'm the first and only girl and then came four boys, and then a great grandson, and now i think it's just fun to finally have a little girl around again! anyway, she's the one like i said who started the whole cupcake thing and she must have it on her brain all the time because now tonight she called and said she felt like, which she hardly bakes anymore! but she just baked them and brought them over! i guess it was a good excuse to visit!
(this was her tag on her christmas gift!)

i can't believe my little cupcake is going to be 9 months old already in two days!

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He & Me + 3 said...

She is so cute and definitely a cupcake.