Thursday, January 21, 2010

THREE YEARS and NINE can that be?!?!

I started blogging when i was pregnant with malia and now she is already 9 months old! time is just flying by her first year! i feel like she's almost one already. i keep having to remind myself that i have three months to go yet. lol it's true though! she is such a happy girl! not a great sleeper, but happy, content and all smiles! she started crawling the other week and within a few days of that started pulling herself up into a standing position against things! gage did not do all that in one week...he was much more content being able to crawl and explore for awhile! she just wants to walk. stand up on everything and try to move from there! with help, she's starting to take a few steps. she got herself up last weekend behind a doll stroller and took three steps across the living! i'm so not ready for this...i want her to be little yet! i'm excited her hair is growing back in finally! we had to do without clips for awhile and just do headbands, but the hair is coming in and although the clips slide out easily, i can get them in! as much as i kinda wanted her to be a little girl, i think she's a big girl. i know she's a little over 20 pounds and this past week i started putting her in 12-18 month clothes...not because they were so cute i just had to, but because they really fit her...not she'll grow into them..they fit! crazy. gage was always a size behind his age so i thought malia would be about that or equal to her age. so i bought a few dresses and outfits on sale last year for spring and summer that are 12 months, i'm starting to think they may not fit come summer...maybe she just had a big growth spurt now though( since in november she was still wearing 6 month clothes) and won't grow so much and will be able to wear those cute outfits come spring and summer after all!

and i don't think it's possible that a week ago gage turned THREE whole years old! how could it have been three years already that i gave birth to my first born? how could it be three years ago in a few days that he underwent almost a 7 hour open heart surgery? and that he survived it? that nathan and i survived it?! all god! praise the lord he has done amazing in these three years, but it still just seems crazy that it's been that long! he's such a cutie and a little smartie! he is just a sponge wanting to soak up everything he can! we are working on potty-training and except for two accidents yesterday we have gone 4 days without any accidents and then today has been great again! so nice to save on diapers!
i am so thankful for these very special gifts from god! he has so blessed me! but i don't know where all that time has gone!
speaking of time...i'm behind on laundry and i gave myself a goal to catch up today...and it's been about 30 minutes now so i need to go fold the towels, put the other load of towels in the dryer, then put another load in the washer! i just might actually catch up by bedtime tonight! yay!
ps-i'm posting without reading over ignore the errors! =)

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