Friday, March 20, 2009

Das Not Funny Friday

So, I know I already did a post for today, but my friend, Amanda, did this and I thought it was a fun idea and I'd play along...

It’s finally Friday! How many times this week did you hear or see something and think… “Das Not Funny!” but then realize that it actually was pretty funny? Well, such is the purpose of this blogapolooza known as Das Not Funny! Friday.
Check out this blog to see what else is not funny. Plus, by going over here you can see who else has seen or heard something and thought Das Not Funny! then stifled a giggle or even laughed out loud! Come on, you know you wanna…

I don't have a great one, but it was so not funny this week when Gage climbed on the table sliding across it on his back and then yelled 'poop!' which most of the time just means he went, big deal, he's got his diaper on, right? So, I walk over to him and he's pointing to a round piece of poop on the table! The back of his diaper was below his biscuits from sliding. I grab a diaper and wipes, to which he says he wants to take a bath so he climbs down and I throw the dirty diaper away, walk to the living room to say, "come on, let's take a bath.." and there is Gage standing on the sofa peeing! Wide eyed thinking oh what a day this is going to be, I say, "Gage you know you are not suppose to pee on the sofa, where are you suppose to go potty?" To which he replies, "the bath!" with a smirk! Das so not funny!

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