Friday, March 27, 2009

doctors report

as you know on monday i had my ob appt. i measured at 40 weeks, but i am only 35 weeks! so, i'm still measuring big, but only fives weeks instead of 8 weeks! my doctor said that at next weeks appt he might set up another ultrasound and then decide if he wants to take baby girl in about 3-4 weeks! so that would be about a week or two early. which doesn't sound that early, until i think she could be here in 3 weeks and i still have A LOT to do!!! but i am excited that i just might get to see her again!!! i don't know for sure so i'm not going to go expecting the ultrasound. dr. kaldas once again mentioned that he didn't want me to join the 10 pound club, to which i replied, not the 9 pound either...he smiled and said okay. but i still don't know if he's serious since he has mentioned at almost every appt or just kidding since my last ultrasound showed that baby would be about 8 1/2 pounds at birth.
other than that everything went well...except i gained a little again...but i guess that is to be expected! baby's heart rate was the lowest either of my children have been at 131 bpm-dr. said baby seems very happy!
feel crazy that i am already starting weekly appointments! 9 months seems like a long time in the begining, but sure flies by!
i started to pack the new diaper bag for the hospital with baby's stuff in it and realized that i don't have an outfit to bring her home in! i've bought some stuff but b/c dr. keeps saying she is going to be big, i haven't bought anything newborn or 0-3 months, it's all 3-6 mo or bigger that i found on sale! good thing i didn't decide to look the night before. lol so now i guess i will have to go shopping...i looked at our local walmart and there was one outfit i kind of liked. it was white and pink, but the mitts, receiving blanket, hat and onesie are all light purple! so, i need to keep looking, but as a last resort, i might have to go back and get the pink outfit. actually it was so soft and sweet looking that i may just get it anyway, b/c i'll need more than one 0-3 month sleeper/outfit!
gage and i are going over by my friend amanda's house today so we should start getting ready. gage saw her daughter, breigh in a picture of amanda's new haircut and wanted breigh-breigh last night! so it was nice to say that we were going to play with them tomorrow!
tonight i am scrapbooking again! i just might beat my goal and have the month of feb. done before this baby arrives! and if not done, still further than i thought i'd be! nathan and i have some big plans to work on baby girls room this weekend since we could only have a few more weekends left, so i don't know if i'll be back at all this weekend, so...have a great weekend!

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He And Me + 3 said...

have fun at Amanda's house. I can't believe that it is almost here too. My kids were all big ones too. I hide them pretty well because they always told me they would be average size about 7lbs. Nope 8, 8.4 and 9.3. Yikes.