Monday, March 9, 2009

where i've been

wow. it's been awhile again. my only excuses are that one, i haven't felt up to it and two, i've been busy and not spending as much time on the internet. the last couple of weeks something has been bothering me and at church we talked about forgiving. so although my feelings have been a little hurt, i am trying to have a more forgiving heart as christ would want me to and get past these feelings. i'm sure being pregnant probably has me a little more emotional about it than i'd normally be.
so, here's what i've been up to so far...watching, playing, reading, dreaming, eating with, taking a bath with thomas...i mean gage! well it feels more like thomas, gordon, emily, toby, and percy are ALL gage does these days therefore it's ALL that i see and hear about!
i read on this blog about a couple who did a devotional together and there was some thing in it about doing something nice for your spouse and then leaving a little note with it that says, 'SHMILY'(See How Much I Love You). I thought this was kind of cute. Nathan and i do things, but don't leave a note or a note that just says love you. so, i decided i would do this when making his lunch the next day. nathan loves getting notes so i thought this would be a fun one for him to try to figure out what the heck i was talking about! i have a wonderful husband and very smart and handy in many areas but spelling is not his strongest point, so i thought this would take him a little bit, well, was i totally wrong! actually i was shocked he figured it out so fast..i thought for sure this would be a game of me teasing him with little hints for days! for some reason he happened to look in his lunch box that night and asked what that was and i told him he had to figure it out. later that night i gave him a hint that 's' was 'see' thinking this totally would not give it away. when he got up for work he asked what it meant thinking i'd spill in my sleep or something, which i replied, 'h' means 'how'. so as smart as my husband may be, i still did not think he'd get it yet...but to my suprise there was a note that said, See How Much I Love You(Too)! I told him where I found it...well, that it was on a blog, to which he said he'd read all the blogs i read, i said go ahead, but i found it on amanda's and she reads like 50 so it might take awhile. lol so i don't think he cheated since he only has 45 minutes to get ready in the morning! so since then we've been going back and forth leaving this little note! it's been kinda fun!
nathan has been working on baby girls room big time this past week! we bought paint that said it would only take one coat to cover...well, three coats later all four walls are covered. it's a good thing i only had him do half the walls with the plum or we would have run out of paint. i really did not want to run out b/c it was a color i had matched from the bed set and it took the lady awhile to get a color that looked pretty close and of course she did not write down all the white and magenta she added to it after the machine came up with a mixture! now i just pray there is just enough left for my mother in law to come and do the trim! then yesterday he said he would paint one of the walls or at least get a start b/c it was already 9 pm, well, i went in a little later to take a picture and he was just finishing up the fourth wall! so maybe tonight if he gets a chance to work on it he'll have the second coat of the lighter purple done on top! i think this color will only take two coats. i too have been busy with a craft for her room. this other blogger that amanda reads(a sister for the bean) made these decorative wooden circles with her daughters name. i was going to either just get wood letters like i did for gage's room or use vinyl. then i saw this other idea at a craft store that was like the wooden circles but foam, and only in certain colors which were not the colors i needed, but they were cute. then i read a sister for the bean blog and she had the wooden circles and a post on how to do them and how easy and inexpensive they were! so i gave it a try and when gage was napping, nathan was painting, i was working on the circles for baby girls name! i am very happy with how they turned out! nathan liked them too. now i can't wait for the painting to be all done so i can get the curtains up, her name, the crib! it's feeling very soon, and after today may feel even sooner!
i have a growth ultrasound this afternoon. i am once again very excited to see baby and what she looks like! i thought the last one would be my last, but i am thinking since they decided to do a growth ultrasound that today is probably the last time we see baby girl before she arrives. the ultrasound today is not to see if they can find anything wrong, so lord willing, they won''s to measure how big she is to decide if i should be induced a little early. i have mixed feelings on this. in some ways it'd be nice to experience a go into labor yourself labor since i was induced with gage(due to his heart not his size), and that was really scary knowing the day you'd be in pain, but at the same time if i am induced then i can totally plan everything and have everything set up with gage and all that. so i don't know. i really need to pray for peace about either option, which ever one is god's plan that He will bring me peace about it!
so, it is now hours later...and i have to say the change of attitude in my heart seemed to help some! i don't know if i feel like my feelings are totally over it, but the change of heart as helped me to move on rather than soak in the upsetness of it all.
i was going to add pictures to this post of baby's room, but i'm running out of time so i need to go get ready for my ultrasound since i didn't get ready before moms group. i will probably try to get a post out about my ultrasound later on tonight. it will probably be full of pictures to make up for this post and the ultrasound! just a might not happen...but it might!

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He And Me + 3 said...

Glad to hear from you. Glad you all seem to be doing well. That is so cute that you and your husband are leaving notes and such for each other. He is a very smart guy to have figured that out. Good job. Hope the ultrasound went well and you will have pictures for us soon.