Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Monday Already! Actually, we had a very busy/productive weekend and today doesn't really feel like a Monday since Nathan is home and we are not going to Moms group! I will miss moms group though, but we have to leave before it's over. Which I 'should' be getting ready for and instead I'm blogging!
If you don't know about Mckmama, please pray for her little boy, Stellan. He is in the hospital with a heart issue. Now on to my version of Mckmama's Not Me Monday...
I did not find myself laughing last week when Gage peed on the sofa! It truthfully was not funny b/c I had to clean it and I don't want him to think it's okay to pee on the sofa, but when I asked where he was suppose to go 'the bath' was kind of a funny reply! But not so funny in that this past week I really think that's where he thinks he can go to the bathroom!

I did not have a hard week as a little heart baby that has been a dear friend to another heart family member passed away. In the last year I have watched/read about 4 heart babies passing away and each time I cry, but this time, it was a little boy I actually met in person and that just hit harder I guess. I did not remind me how we never know anything. I was difficult knowing that at his last check up in January he was doing awesome with nothing to worry about and in March he was gone. It can happen to anyone, but knowing my son also has a unique heart and is doing so good made it scary that at anytime his heart too could change. It's been very hard and several times this week I've had to ask God for his peace and to watch over Gage as he is His son. It has helped, but that devil keeps trying to bring it up. My heart did not totally go out to this wonderful family all week. Alright, you KNOW it did. Please pray for them, I can't imagine losing my son. Only God is going to be able to bring them through this with his love and prepare them to be excited and ready for the new baby coming in a few months.

I did not accomplish tons of projects I have going on this week in Gage's room, baby girls room, outside, and in the basement! I don't know if I've ever got so much done in one weekend before! It did not feel great to get so much done! I do not think that I might be in that nesting phase!

I did not and have not got all into Gage being into Thomas and Friends and buy him more trains and an expansion track pack while at Toys R Us to pick up something for the car, which they did not have! It's not so much fun watching Gage light up over his love for Thomas!

I was not happy that I went with my husband to visit his sick Grandpa. I really didn't feel up to the drive or sitting in the hospital, but God was so good to us during out visit and gave us his Grandpa's best day he's had in weeks! I hope it's not the last time Nathan sees his Grandpa here on earth, but if it is, it was a good last visit! I'm not so thankful for that b/c I've been praying for Nathan as this has been hard on Nathan as he's always been close to this Grandpa.

I did not fully rely on God this past week with an issue that has been going on...and I'm not happy to report that I did not blow up and instead have been at peace and calm about the entire thing-that's so not me! Praise God!

So, I guess that should be it for this week. I really need to go get ready as I have to leave in minutes and my hair is not done! Have a great Monday!

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