Friday, March 20, 2009


well, my ultrasound last week, yes, i know, i'm way late, went very well. the nurse who took me back looked at me first thing and said, "woah, there is no denying you are all baby, is there?" lol i didn't know what to say so i think i just said something like, "nope, not really!" lol
anyway, my appt went very well. we got to watch baby move around for a little over an hour again! i just love it! she always has her face up tight against the placenta. that is the only thing i don't like. i wish she would let me see her whole face! i still think she looks just like her big brother right now though! i was totally thrilled to get SEVENTEEN ultrasound pictures! that's the most i have ever gotten! it will take up a few pages in the scrapbook, that's for sure!

(hard to see, but this was a picture showing baby's hair moving in the fluid on the back of her head)

let's measured 7 days big instead of 8 like last time...she weighed in at 4lbs 14 oz...that's exactly two pounds less than my son weighed at birth and she had 7 weeks to go! but they can be off a pound either way...hopefully on the smaller end! we figured out that if she gained the average half a pound a week from that point that baby would be about 8lbs 6oz, which the doctor did not think would be big so my doctor will probably not induce me unless something changes later on. i see him next monday. so, i will find out what he thinks then!
while the ultrasound tech and i were talking she said something and i replied with the fact that i knew i was big and she replied, 'oh no, i see pregnant woman all day-you are not that big!" and i said, "yeah, but are they only carrying one baby?" and she replied, "yes" wasn't that so nice of her? she's the only person to say that i am not huge!

then because my father-in-law is always teasing that he is sure this baby is going to be another boy, my husband asked if she still thought it was a girl since he started painting the baby's room a girl color. she replied that at least fifty times during the ultrasound that baby girl proved she was a girl and that she would personally come repaint the room if it is indeed a boy!
so unless my doctor decides to do another ultrasound, that was our last time seeing baby girl before she arrives! i can't believe how close it is getting! in some ways, i don't feel all ready here at home, but in other ways, i just can't wait to meet her and she what she really looks like!

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He And Me + 3 said...

I love the 3d ultra sounds. She looks awesome and you got some great shots. i do miss that about being pregnant. How fun! Glad you updated....was missing you!