Monday, February 9, 2009

my doctors appt

random facts about my doctors appt today...

-i had my 30 week talk with the nurse about the signs and what to do if labor were to start before 36 weeks.

-my blood pressure was good like usual

-i gained almost 7 lbs in 3 weeks! so now i am not behind in my weight gain, but right where i should be. truthfully, i kinda like being behind. lol

-my doctor does not seem concerned at all with my perinatologist appt. from last week, so that is good!

-he does agree with the perinatologist though that i should have another scan on the baby in about 4 weeks, to check baby's growth this time and not her heart. so i get to have another ultrasound and see baby again! i'm excited about this!

-he said my dull pain and numbness on the right side of my stomach is normal, that the baby is pushing in that spot and that can happen when baby hits a nerve and your stomach is streching all at the same time.

-i measured in at 38 cm!!! i am almost 29 weeks so that means i am now measuring 7.5 weeks big!!!!! my doc said considering baby is on the big side and i have a little higher amout of fluid is what is causing me to measure big since i really haven't gained too much weight. but still almost 8 weeks big!?!? i mean if that told you when you were having a baby that would mean about now!!! good thing that's not what it means, huh.

-he did not feel the need to recheck my gluclose test right now. yay!

-he said this with a straight face so i have no clue if he was serious or kidding, but he said, and i pretty much quote, " don't worry...if it's a ten pound baby we offer the option of a c-section." hello! 10 lbs and a c-section...those were not in my plans in having another baby. lol actually it freaks me out and makes me even more scared. i wish he would have laughed when i did so i felt he was kidding.

-he did say that he would be around for babies delivery since his family (wife and son) is coming home from austria for easter so he will be going to austria six weeks before easter and then six weeks after easter. isn't that whole thing just weird if you think about it? i know! but thankfully, he should be around when i need him!

-another crazy thing is that i am now seeing him every two weeks and in just a little over a month, i start going to the doctor about making the pregnancy seem like it's flying by!

-and the last thing, i just noticed that i am down to 79 days!

alright, i think that sums up my doctors appt today!


He And Me + 3 said...

Great pictures...sounds like a pretty good visit to me. Not long and you will be holding your baby girl.

ermispartyof5 said...

awh a baby girl! precious. I have three boys. I could only dream of a little girl. I will have to follow your watch her grow. :)

come check out our blog!

amanda said...

good thing he'll be here for your baby girlies birth. :0) told you that weird numb feeling was normal. lol.