Tuesday, February 24, 2009


you may or may not have noticed that i have been away the past week. in some ways it's been a long week and i just have not felt up to writing or reading much. maybe it would have been an outlet though since i had no one to talk to about this past week, but like i said, i just didn't feel like i had any energy to think to write! i'm not sure it's totally back actually. i thought i would start a post, but now i feel as if i have nothing to say. so, i will just share about my two precious kiddos...

gage's hand is healing so nice! he's had the wrap off for a few days now and the blisters are pretty much gone. they did not pop like we were told. in some ways i hope this is fine, i'd think it would be since we had to watch carefully for infection once they popped, but they just seem to be dissolving back into his skin. he's totally in love with thomas the tank engine, well, more like gordon and emily from thomas. it's kind of fun having him into something now and getting all excited everytime thomas is on or he sees something thomas in the store!

i had my 31 week dr. appts yesterday. that went well. dr. said baby seems very happy! i had a 2.2 lb gain. so now i've gained 18 pounds this pregnancy. i am still a little behind average, which is 21-25, which i like, but i'm not too far behind. my dr. told me to start eating at dairy queen, i don't like dq, but still wouldn't you think he'd want me to eat healthy and gain weight not junk?! lol baby's heart rate was about 141-142. my son never got that low, so, i think the high heartrate being a girl and a low one meaning it's a boy is not so true. and i have carried both kids low, so carrying high or low meaning a girl or boy doesn't seem to be true either! but i guess they are fun to see!

i measured in at 34 cm, so still a little big, but not 8 cm big like two weeks ago! maybe this means that i'm not producing so much amniotic fluid and it won't be something we'll have to worry about at my next ultrasound! i'm not sure what changed his mind, maybe that i'm not measuring so big, but he(dr) now thinks that baby will be about 8 pounds instead of 9 pounds!
i took some more pictures of my belly last night, so, i will go load them on here and sign off with that!

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He And Me + 3 said...

Glad you are back. Cute pictures of Gage and the baby inside. Love belly shots. Too cute! Wow only 18 pounds so far...I am impressed...I always gained like 40 pounds. I got big!