Monday, February 2, 2009

not me monday

well, it's monday again and although i'll get my post in later in the day, i thought i'd try mckmama's( not me, here goes!

i did not think how proud i was of my son for being so good at moms group this past week and at the library's story time! we haven't been out much since september so i have been a little nervous how he will act in public, but praise the lord he was so good and god helped me to be the mommy i needed to be!

i did not have a fun time with my friend sherry at scrapbooking! and i didn't talk too much with her so i got a lot done...actually, the first hour we just talked, but i still ended up getting 8 birthday cards made! and i certianly did not talk about personal bath tub stories with her! that would embarasse me way too much!

i did not also have a fun time with my friend and her family on friday! and i did not enjoy the mexican food so much that i ended up eating 3 burritos! nope, not me. i am way too stuffed with just baby the way it is to try and get 3 burritos down!

i did not enjoy a lazy saturday with my husband and son! that is just something that never seems to happen! and i really did not enjoy the foot rub i got while watching tv!

i have given birth once already, so, while filling out my personal birth plan, i did not start getting all nervous about the labor and delivery. and i did not feel a little sigh of relief, telling myself that maybe it was from god, when my husband called at lunch today to tell me the guy he works with has 3 kids and the first one was a little over 2 hours(gage was 2hrs and 20 minutes) and the next two were under an hour! i don't know if this is a 'sign', but i do believe in them. i was beyond scared to death about giving brith to my son and i had this dream where all was well and it wasn't that bad and since that day i felt so much more at peace about it and look, god so blessed me during gage's delivery!

i was not excited to find a thomas the train dvd at wal*mart with 14 short episodes on it for only $7.50 since it's only on once a day that i know of and my son wants to watch 'choo choos' several times a day now!

i did not find my friends story about her daughter noticing her sons 'difference' when changing his diaper and say, 'Gage has that!" (must be a boy thing!) LOL but really i've never even noticed her paying any attention when i'm changing gage's diaper...guess she has a wandering eye that i don't see! =)(they have always had a thing for each other!)

and i did not cry at church when we sang a song about healing. okay, so i don't know exactly why i always cry when we sing those types of songs. i always am thinking in my head partly b/c of gage not being totally healed the way i wanted but at the same time in praise of how well gage has done and all the healing that god has done in gage. i can never get through a song about god healing, i start crying every time.

and i am not excited to see baby girl in a little over an hour! okay, i am!! it might be the last time until she arrives that i get to see her! so, if i have time tonight, i will probably post some pictures!

okay, that is all, like i said my appt is in a little over an hour so i need to get my shoes on and get out the door!

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He And Me + 3 said...

Can't wait to see those pictures. I always loved the ultra sounds...I think I was addicted.
I got nervous with all three deliveries too. I think it is just a natural thing.