Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. And here is what I most certainly have not done this week...
i did not totally enjoy my ultrasound of baby girl and wish i could lay there and watch her move around for even longer...a little over an hour was just not enough!

i did not notice that baby girl has my dad's nose and hope that it isn't as big as all the other ppl in my family with the 'bogan nose' is b/c they are all boys and she's a girl and shouldn't have a huge nose...but i'll love her anyway!

then knowing my son has the 'bogan nose' i did not hope that his would stay normal looking and not take up a chunk of his face when he gets older...that's just so vain...who's just a nose, right?!

i did not praise god again that everything looked good on her ultrasound!

i did not look up what a big baby and amniotic fluid being high could mean. yeah, i did and i had to stop b/c it just started to make me worry, but...

i did not just give it to god and ask for his peace about the whole thing and thankfully, i haven't worried about it since!

i did not praise god again when my son's cardiologist appt went well and his cardiologist was beyond pleased with his surgery!

i did not have a good time on thursday with my mommy/play date this week with my best friend, amandaroo and her family!

i did not get a call from our tax account on what we would be getting back this year and start making a list of all the things we should do with that money! i don't even have it yet, so i can't spend it!

and speaking of money i don't have yet, i was not happy to buy 3 plane tickets to visit my dad after the baby is born for under a $1000...when last year it was just that amount for only two tickets! good thing my visa bill isn't due for a few weeks, my refund should be here in a week! praise the lord for working that out like that.

i did not make last minute plans to take my family to blue harbor water resort this past weekend! i am a planner and need more time to get ready than a few hours!

i did not wish i could go down the slide at the water park since i loved it last year, guess that will just have to wait until next year's trip!

i did not love the fact that i was clearly pregnant in 'my' swimsuit instead of just chubby!

i did not go to kohls on the way home and spend way too much money on clothes for baby girl and gage! i'm not a big shopper when it comes to clothes and since i already did a big splurge last month, i would not think of doing it again the next month!

i did not feel bad when i found out my neighbor was getting a baby girl when she really really wanted a boy...and i most certainly was not thrilled to hear today that she had her baby BOY on friday!

i did not then think, what if my ultrasound is wrong and we are getting another boy when i have spent so much money on this little girl already! i think with the extra ultrasounds i have had and all the doctors saying it's a girl, that they are right though!

i guess that's all...nothing too major this week i guess! i am off to get ready for my doctors appt. this afternoon and to hear what my doctor has to say about the report from the parinatologist from last week!


He And Me + 3 said...

I totally loved my ultrasounds way too much too.:)

amanda said...

that is soooo exciting about your neighbor getting a baby boy after we were just talking about her!! crazy. :0) but you have pretty good pictures of your 'girly' parts of your baby girl. :0)