Thursday, February 12, 2009

US Survery

Okay, I started the Husband Meme last week and still have yet to finish it, so, I don't know why I'm starting this one, other than maybe b/c it's shorter. I thought this one too was fun, so enjoy learning a little bit about my husband and I!

Rules: If you have been married less than 1 year -double the ammount of months you have been married and write that many random things about you and your Spouse - if you have been married for more than 1 year write 24 random things about you and your mate. Tag 10 people to fill this out!

1. We've dating since May 6th 2000-prom

2. We got married August 6th 2005

3. I made my friend Amanda go to youth group with me to 'check him out!'

4. She forced me into asking him to prom since he was home-schooled he wasn't going to ask me! (I guess now I have to thank her for that, huh!?!)

5. We took Swing dance lessons together, and loved it! We used to practice all the way up and down the street I lived on! Ha! Now that'd be embarassing if our neighbors saw us do that, well, I might still find it romantic, but the neighbors would think we were nuts!

6. We were married 9 months when we found out we were expecting Gage

7. We love to spend time together doing things either together or seperately(like he watches a movie and i sit next to him scrapbooking-we're just together)

8. I especially love going on walks b/c that is when Nathan pours out his heart and starts talking!

9. God has been so good to us since we have been together, with many blessings and has carried us through the tough times with Gage

10. I praise God that the tough times have only made Nathan and I stronger as a couple, it's sad to think tradgedies in families often times result in divorce.

11. We are expecting our second miracle, a baby girl, in april

12. We are a PDA type of couple, but not overboard, which I love b/c it makes me feel loved and special.

13. We both enjoyed the book/video of the 5 love languages, and do ask each other every so often how their 'love tank' is doing

14. We both love going to Washington and camping

15. Nathan asked me to marry him on the sand dunes of the Pacific Ocean

16. B/c he knew I would want to scrapbook our actual engagement he had my aunt hiding in the tall grass taking pictures!

17. We go back to that spot every time we are in Oregon and talk about how we got engaged

18. We both love taco bell right now...he must be having sympathy pregnancy cravings!

19. We both do the house work together(he often times is a sweetheart and does more though!)

20. Our first babies, were two cats, brothers, Oliver and Winston

21. We both want to go to Hawaii or some other tropical island someday

22. We are both romantic people

23. We love to snuggle up

24. We both love the Lord and pray our children will walk with the Lord as well

If you want to join in and share about you and your husband copy my post and let me know that you did the survery on your site so I can learn some more about you!

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He And Me + 3 said...

That was very read so much background and info. Thanks Amanda huh? :) How awesome that you had enough guts to ask him out:)