Monday, February 2, 2009

ultrasound pictures!

nathan and i got to watch baby girl move for a little over an hour today! it was a lot of fun. she was very active and not very photogenic again, but we did get a few better pictures than what we got last time! i don't know what i thought she'd look like, but she looked a little different than whatever it is i thought! but then gage looked different too and we had it all decided who he looked like and then when he was born he actually looked more like my husband than my, who knows how she will actually look when she is born! at first i didn't think she looked at all like gage, but then the more i looked at the pictures toinght, the more i can see gage's eyes and nose combination he has now more than his ultrasound pictures. everything looked good, but she did measure big and my fluid is in normal range, but on the high side, so they are going to be doing another ultrasound in a month to recheck everything and if it's still high they might recheck me for diabetes, which i just had my test at my last doctors appt. and it came back just fine, but those two things can be signs of it i guess. i'm not too worried though. so i am 27 weeks and 5 days and baby measured in at 28 weeks and 6 days. so, we just might get to see her another time. maybe even more as the parinatalogist said she would recommend every 3-4 weeks. i guess it will depend on what my dr. thinks and i will see him next monday. i love that both the ultrasound tech and the dr. both scrapbook b/c they have given me 10 pictures both times! love that, but not sure if i'll get them squeezed into two page layouts or need more! probably more! so, here are a few pictures from today's appointment...

profile picture

face shot

4D face shot and hand

another 4D face shot with her hand up by her sweet little face

here's me getting the ultrasound done...ppl tell me i'm big, but until this picture, i never realized just how huge i really am!!!

me pointing to baby on the screen...

...and the proud daddy pointing to his little girl!


amanda said...

LOVE the pictures. hope everything turns out okay with the diabetes stuff. that'd be no fun!!

He And Me + 3 said...

I love looking at ultrasound pictuers. Those were great...she is going to be one beautiful little girl.
How lucky for you that they both scrapbook:)