Thursday, January 29, 2009

something cute gage said today...

(see...second post today)
gage has started to watch thomas the train the last few mornings and each time it comes on he yells, "choo choos" well this morning it came on and he yelled "thomas!"(i didn't even know he knew his name yet) and then they showed james to which he yelled 'thomas' and i said, 'the red trains name is james' (my godson was in a thomas stage for about 6 years so i'm pretty fluent with all the trains) to which gage looked at me like he totally caught on and said, "OH! jammies!" LOL ahh, it cracked me up! Okay, hope that brought a little smile to your face as well!
tonight i am having a little scrapnight with a friend, maybe two. we usually meet once a month on a friday night but we wanted to do it again this month so we planned for tomorrow night, but my best friend has a doctors appt. tomorrow so i changed it to tonight so that i(and maybe her too if she's up to it) could still scrap and then tomorrow night go to her house to hang out with her family for dinner and a game night!
i know that you all pretty much know my friend, amanda(, and i know she has asked for prayer, but i too would just like to ask for prayer for her and her family. she is doing really well with all of this, but i'm sure it's still hard, and god has been so awesome at filling her up with his peace! so please be lifting her up!
well, since gage is down for his nap, i should go get my stuff done and get showered and ready for tonight!

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