Wednesday, January 14, 2009

24 week OB appt and my baby's 2nd birthday!

on monday i had my 24 week 5 days OB appt. if you look at the sheet the doctor had, which obviously i did not do! anyway, the begining of my pregnancy i lost 13 lbs, which is totally fine with me except throwing up is not fun at all! my doctor told me before christmas that i needed to have a gain at my next appt. well, to everyone i have asked to pray about this, stop! i gained almost 10 pounds-off by only .6! my doctor seemed happy and said that it was good since i had some catching up to do, but in no way do i see 10 pounds in three weeks as a good thing. i was thinking more like slowly, but surely! but it's a sign that both baby and i are indeed growing! then he measured me and i know that from everyone asking me if i'm having twins or even triplets, that i am big, but i was a little shocked when i measured 6cm bigger than what i should! that night i checked in my sons pregnancy scrapbook and at this week, i measured 4cm big and then evened out after that, so, maybe that's just how i am and this baby won't really be that big. he scared me a little when he said he thought baby would be about 8-8.5 lbs, but if she got up to around 10 he'd take her early! 10?!?! how about anytime after 8.5?! i guess i was just expecting her to be around the same weight as gage, who was 6lbs 14oz. but i guess we will just see when she arrives!
today, i can't believe that my baby is TWO full years old!!! well, not actually for another 22 minutes! it just doesn't seem possible that two years has gone by already. he has endured so much already with his unique heart, but god has carried us all through and each time has performed many miracles in gage that even the doctors did not expect and he has not been in the 'normal of what to expect' once starting the day of his birth, which all totally blesses this mother's heart what god has done in his(and my) precious boy! so, i could totally go on and on about everything i absolutely love about gage and all the adorable things he does, but then this could get really long and since he's done with his snack i should get off of here and go play.
we are taking him to chuck-e-cheeses for the first time today! thought it would be something we could do on this cold cold day and something fun for gage since he hasn't been able to go and do a whole lot since september to keep him healthy before surgery. i'm looking forward to this first with him and enjoying him playing!
anyone who reads my blog is most likely from aproudmommyof4.blogspot, so you already know this, but please keep amanda and her family in your prayers as they go through what could be a tough time. i'm thankful that i know that our god will be with them every step of the way, he's never left us during our rough times with gage even if it's felt like he has, and i know that he will be with them every second of the way as well!
okay, off to play with my two year old...officially for two minutes now...ahh, two years ago on this day, i hadn't even got to see him yet, just the massive number of doctors surrounding him!
happy 2nd birthday, my little miracle, gage! i love you!

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amanda said...

happy birthday gage! i too can't believe he is TWO already. hope you guys have a great time at chuck e cheese's. :0)