Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday

so, i thought i would give this a try. i was hoping to get a start on it earlier, but that just didn't happen! i'm not sure how you do all the linking stuff yet and most of it know it's from mckmama's blog anyway, but i will just 'link' her blog this way... you haven't already-go visit it!
i have not enjoyed the comments on my blog that i have got from you guys because really i don't know you people so it's not a big deal if you comment, right? okay, so maybe i enjoyed them even if i don't really know all of you!
i did not totally enjoy my first massage this past week even though i was nervous to go and had no idea what to expect. it was not awkward getting on the bed b/c i climb up on tall beds with no step that i can barely get my leg up high enough to get over it all the time with a big 26 week pregnant belly to lay on my stomach!
speaking of that-i did not enjoy laying on my stomach since we all know you are not supposed to and i am normally a stomach sleeper, ahh, maybe i should get one of those pregnancy pillows that she had!
i have not loved feeling and watching baby girl move around this week and i did not think it was perfect of my husband while watching tv (b/c it's hard for him to even blink when the tv is on) to reply, "i'm always interested" when i told him that if he was interested to feel his daughter was moving around again. (i love how with both pregnancies he loves to feel the baby and wraps his arms around my belly every night!)
i did not find it funny at all this week while my son and i took a bath together and he stood up to pee then stopped to move closer to me and proceed with aim to pee on my arm! that is really gross and i would not laugh in front of him b/c i would not want him to think it's funny and that he should do such a thing again! (ok, how could you not laugh? even my husband laughed and then told me that i had officially been pissed on..yeah, thanks, babe!)
and speaking of pee-i totally did not pee my pants when my husband was playing the wii fit and totally sucked. b/c that's not funny that he couldn't ski very well on there when in real life he loves to snowboard and i certainly have control over my bladder even if this baby is laying right on it!
i did not have a crazy idea to eat at chuckEcheeses on a saturday so that i could have the pizza and so that gage could play since he loved it last week when we were there for his 2nd birthday and i would never think to invite my best friend and her family with us on such a crazy night. there were way too many kids, parents and birthday parties going on...the table next to us had a party of 25 kids alone! but the kids were all really good and still had fun so it was worth it, but next time a wednesday night!
i was not happy that my husband got his car fixed this weekend and that in the end fixing his car earned us $2.00! not many times you get a car fixed and come out ahead a few bucks! but the reason i was not happy about this is b/c i have not had my truck since my sons surgery in november and since he couldn't go places before that i have had not driven until today to go to moms group again in FOUR months!!! can you imagine not driving in that long and being stuck at home most of that time? not me! and during that time i was not grateful at all for the couple of times my sweet friend, amanda, picked us up so that we could get out and go to moms group!
and finally i did not just sit here and type of this not me monday post while letting my son eat mac-n-cheese in the living room so that he could watch superwhy and then when he was done continued with this post instead of cleaning him up before he starting playing and got him down for his already late nap today, b/c i know how important keeping him on his schedule is to him...and me!
so that is what i did not do this past week! this was kinda fun! maybe i'll try to do it again.


He And Me + 3 said...

OMGosh, the pee story was hilarious...I would have laughed too.

amanda said...

yay for your first not me. and totally on a wednesday next time. glad you came to mom's group again too!!