Monday, January 19, 2009

random stuff for this week...

it's monday...already! the weekends go by so fast. as you know friday we took gage to chuck-e-cheeses and saturday was his birthday, and then sunday we had a brunch thing at my mom's house before my brother went back to school. and now it's monday, but last night was actually relaxing for us on a sunday night. usually i try to get a million things done before nathan's work week starts again, but since there wasn't much to do, nathan and i actually sat down with a bowl of icecream (just what i need, but i didn't have heartburn last night!) and watched a movie together! then last we both got to feel baby kicking! i feel her from the inside all day everyday it seems like and i felt her kicking while in the hospital, but nathan has only lightly felt her move around once before. last night it was definately her and i think nathan knew it was for sure her this time too b/c his face lit up more! last time he was just kinda like, "i think i felt her". so, that was special! he loved feeling gage move which didn't start until 28 weeks so maybe this time he'll get to feel baby girl move around more since it's started a little earlier! i know i'd love that too!
today we sign the papers to refinance our home. it's 1.5% lower rate than what we currently have so that will be nice to save some money each month on our payment and a few thousand in the end! which all sounds good to me! my mom was nice enough to switch her lunch break so that she could come watch gage for us.
i think gage is teething again. he is chewing on everything including his bear, which i don't like when i go to pick it up and the entire corner i grab is soaked in slobber! and he's started wanting theething rings again. so, i think all that is left are the two hear molars to come in so maybe that's what it is. he started getting teeth on the late end and now he's almost got a full mouth already!
thursday gage goes in for his 2 year check up! i remember thinking it'd be a long time before he came in for a two year check up and now here it is in three days! i need to set up his two year pictures too. i've slacked on that, usually i do it a month or so before i need the picture taken. i guess i just forgot about it since i didn't set it up at his 18 month pics b/c i wasn't sure where he'd be at after surgery or for that matter when for sure surgery was going to be. then my husband got hurt at work and has a bruise on his face and i was going to do family pictures like i did at gage's one year. but now i am thinking that i will just wait and do the family pic in march when we do the pregnancy photos. so i should call and get him in i guess!
alright, well, mommyhood is calling...until next time!

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