Monday, January 19, 2009

less than 100 days!

wow! i just realized that we only have 99 days until baby girl's due date! and it could be less and well i guess it could be more too. lol that just makes me feel like it is coming up really fast! i know it's still 3 months away, but down to two digits just suddenly makes it feel soon! now i will really want nathan to jump into getting her room done...well, even started would be good! i know he's been busy making the toy boxes so i'm not complaining, just getting excited to start working on her room!
i guess that's all for now, we just got home from eatting out at Red Robin (yuuuum!) for my friend, Amanda's husband, Shaun's birthday! Thanks for inviting us! ;) so, i'm off to finish the dinner i was making so nathan has lunch for work tomorrow and then it's off to bed!
only 99 days...=)
ps-amanda, if you are reading this-did you stop at target?!? i almost called you, but thought i better not!

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amanda said...

yep i stopped at target. no wii fit though. lol. i did find a cute valentine's day outfit for dustin though...i already had stuff for the girls but nothing for it was still successful. i can't believe only 99 days either. wow.