Thursday, January 29, 2009


wow i was just at 100 days and now we are already down to about 90 days until baby is here...only 3 months to go! scary and exciting all at the same time! somtimes it seems really soon and other moments it still seems like a long time until we get to meet her and see what she looks like! i love feeling her move inside my belly right now though!
i was telling my husband that i felt bad that at this point in gage's pregnancy i had wrote him a few letters and this baby i have only wrote the one when i first found out i was pregnant. then i reminded him that he too had wrote gage more and that i thought we should write baby girl another letter. he responded with, 'what do you mean? i've wrote her a few times...don't check the computer?" well, actually i hadn't thought of checking to see if he wrote a letter when i hadn't done it myself, i surely thought he forgot then! so yeah, my wonderful husband is doing better than me...but then he's not the one who was sick, tired, taking care of a toddler, doing all the house stuff, etc. (okay, truthfully, he does a lot, but i'm still more tired and worn out!) so this morning on the desk were his letters all printed out for me to put in babys scrapbook box! i love reading his letters-they are so sweet and cute...and a little funny! but something i treasure and something when the kids are older(which is not going to happen to my kids) they too will enjoy!
so this isn't much, but i need to get gage-maybe if i get my stuff ready for scrapbooking tonight and myself then i'll post again later. it seems to be my a few times in one day and then be gone for a few days and back for another day with a couple of posts! oh well. =)

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He And Me + 3 said...

What a sweet idea to write letters to the kids...while in utero. I too scrapbook...