Wednesday, January 7, 2009

a little bit about me!

i don't know how much i will get into blogging as i've never really had a desire, but i had to start my own blog to be able to leave comments on my best friends blog since someone left her a mean comment she no longer accepts nonbloggers. so, that's why i now have a blog! my name is chantae. i am married to a wonderful, sweet, caring, christian man, nathan. as you can see, i am truly blessed to be married to this wonderful guy god chose for me! we got married aug. 5th 2005! it was a beautiful hot day! jan 16th 2007 we had our first child. a little boy, gage loran-bogan, born with a heart defect. we were aware of this but still very hard and heartbreaking to watch him go through open heart surgery at 7 days old. this past nov. he had his second open heart surgery and truthfully, i think this one was even harder to go through b/c we know and love gage so much and he now has so much personality, but god has carried us through both of the surgeries and each time we have come out of surgery with so much to praise god for! both surgeries have had better outcomes than the doctors expected and we know that it was god at work!
we are now expecting our second child, a little girl, in april! we are very excited to add another precious gift to our family.
i am blessed to be able to stay at home with gage! some days we get a little stir crazy since right before and after surgery gage can't go anywhere, so, we are looking forward to spring when we can get outside more and play in the fresh air!
i enjoy spending time with my family, in God's word, decorating, and i love to scrapbook! i just wish i had more time and was a faster scrapper!
well, i guess that's all on me for now as it's almost time for our playdate to be here and for us to have lunch!


amanda said...

yay. your first post. and i bet you had a pretty cool person over for a playdate!! :0)

-stephanie- said...

Hi, I stopped in from Amanda's blog. Welcome to blog world. I've prayed for your son when asked to by Amanda. How exciting to be having a little girl to add to your beautiful family. Enjoy your blog. See you around the comment section.

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

just wanted to say hi. amanda just did a blog design for me and i had asked her about the bracelet she had and whether the maker would make another, she gave me your email but i haven't had a chance to write yet. i love hers